If you’ve got your foot in the multi-trillion-dollar wellness industry, blogging should be your next hot marketing strategy.

Check out the 6 reasons I’ve listed below to find out why.

1. 77% Of People On The Internet Read Blogs.

The internet is ingrained in our everyday lives, but the word ‘blog’ can still conjure up images of one lonely person sitting at their desk rambling on about their life through a computer screen. So the fact that 77% of internet users are reading blogs might sound surprising.

Nowadays though, blogs are spaces where experts share the latest news in their field, where companies build relationships with customers through high-quality content, and where influencers shape millions of people’s lives daily.

More than likely many of the posts you read and much of the information you look up every day comes from blogs. You just don’t realize it.

If you want to get your customer’s attention online having a blog for your wellness business is the next step.

2. 70% Of People Prefer Articles to Advertisements When Learning About A Company.

The health and wellness industry is very personal and human centered. And that’s who customers want to buy from, people, not corporations.

A blog allows you to humanize your company, and be seen as more than flashy colors and fitness slogans on an ad banner. Blogs also have the added bonus of allowing you to get more information to your customers than normal advertising.

According to Trew Marketing people only spare a traditional advertisement about 2 seconds of their time.

But with the average blog post being around 1,142 words, that takes your company’s customer interaction time from seconds to minutes!

3. Blogs are now seen by many as the 5th most trustworthy source for getting information online.

When it comes to a wellness brand you want your customers to trust you. Your clients are putting part of their health and well-being into your hands when they buy from you.

Therefore, having a trusted method of communication to get information to your customers is super valuable.

You want your clients to believe in you and your services. And you want them to view you as the expert of your wellness niche. Having a blog is the way to show them the expert that you are!

4. Blogging Is Now The 3rd Most Used Content Marketing Strategy.

Everyone’s doing it. From WellSteps to PremiseHealth, many of the big corporate names in wellness, and every startup worth its salt, is investing in blogging as their long term content marketing strategy.

Blogging is a continuous way to bring in new customers and keep past customers coming back for more. With so many people craving guidance on how to improve their health, make your wellness brand a hot-spot for that kind of info.

5. Websites that have a blog can see as much as 434% more indexed pages.

More indexed pages mean that Google and other search engines are seeing and collecting information from your website about your business more often. This leads to better rankings in search engines, which in turn leads to better visibility for your brand.

More indexing = more potential customers seeing your business pop up first in their browser when they search for wellness-related content.

And the higher your website is ranked in a search engine the more likely a customer is to see it and click it.

6. Forbes Says You Should!

In this article from Forbes about how to succeed in the wellness industry they say:

“According to the GWI, the wellness economy grew more than 12% from 2015 to 2017 and will continue to grow. If you have a product or service to serve this market, double down on your content marketing efforts.” –Scott Nelson Forbes

Content marketing can mean quite a few things, but it commonly refers to blogging and blog campaigns.

Building up your wellness business means building up a high quality, relevant, content stream for your customers to view.

Wrapping It Up.

So, if all of these statistics plus Forbes, one of the top voices in business and industry, are telling you to up your content game. What’s stopping you from starting a blog for your wellness business today?