life purpose

With the rise of life coaching, so many more of us are seeking our purpose in life.

According to the iNLP Center, a leading life coach certification program, new coaches choose the life purpose niche over any other.

Why know your purpose in life?

We have all had those days where we feel that what we have achieved so far in life is not all that we were put on this Earth to do.

The feeling that we could have been so much more than who we are, the sensation that we are a non-performing, good for nothing, underachiever is something that we all are familiar with.

That is how the human mind works – it has its own highs and its lows, its ups and its downs. And feeling like this sometimes, though awful, is completely normal.

But it is when you start thinking and feeling like this all the time that you should be concerned. Are you actually wasting away precious time? Is this feeling based on the truth or is your mind playing tricks on you?

Could you do better than how you are doing right now? Are you not realizing your true potential and not performing to the best of your abilities? These are the questions that we will try to address and answer today.

How Can You Know That You Are Meant For Greater Things?

In the following paragraphs, we have discussed 10 things that may point to you not living your best life. Although most people today feel a couple of these signs stand true for them at some point or the other, if these attributes are what you are feeling every day, this is a cause for concern.

Just like admitting a problem is the first step to solving it, acknowledging that you were meant for greater things is the first step towards achieving them.

So, put on your seatbelt and get ready to critically evaluate yourself and figure out if you need to change the course of your life! Let’s begin!

1. You Feel Like You Need to Escape But do Not Know What or How

The most common feeling among the people who are stuck doing something in their life that they were not meant for is a feeling of being trapped.

For example, even before my best friend was born, her career had already been decided by her parents. Everybody in their family was associated with a career in medicine, so they wanted her to become a doctor as well.

Fast forward 25 years, and she managed to get her degree in medicine and surgery. Two more decades along the road, and she was one of the most reputed neurosurgeons in her town. But whenever she would meet me, she would always complain of feeling a little empty inside.It was not until she celebrated her 52nd birthday that she realized what was wrong.

A medical career was just not for her. Instead, all she cared about was plants. Today, she owns her own floral shop and is happier than I have ever seen her.

It is not only my best friend that this happened to, but Martha Stewart, Vera Wang, Joy Behar and countless other people also fall into the same category.

So, if you are feeling trapped in the profession that you – or someone else – has chosen for you, remember: it is never too late to start anew.

2. You Are Not Building New Relationships, And Are Unhappy With Your Existing Ones

Having the same group of friends for years is not a bad thing, but if you do not particularly like the group you hang out with and yet still will not try to make new friends, it certainly calls for concern.

If you are too worn out to invest in quality friendships and relationships, it might be that all your energy is going towards a worthless cause. Living the life you are supposed to be living makes you a more pleasant person, and gives you the urge to share this joy with other people.

3. Disappointment Doesn’t Seem to Leave Your Doorstep

Feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled whatever the situation is another classic sign that your life needs some major makeover. I mean, think about it.

If you were actually doing all the great things that you are supposed to be doing, you would not be feeling so disappointed and incomplete, would you?

4. You Are Using Fillers in Your Life Instead of Truly Living The Experience

There has always been a strong correlation of drug and alcohol abuse with the problems of life. The practice is especially common in the younger generation, though it is prevalent in all age groups.

Using these substances to make yourself go numb is an attempt to escape from the harsh reality – you are not utilizing your true potential in life.

5. The Only Time You Feel Alive is When You’re Doing Something Completely Different From Your Daily Routine

Ok, so the prospect of the weekend coming up again excites all of us. It is an excuse for us to let go of the responsibilities of life and party all we want, so who could really blame us for that?

But if these times are the only ones that ever make you happy, then there is a problem. Yes, most people do not exactly love their jobs, but doing it still gives you a sense of achievement.

If that sense of achievement is lacking in your mind, then it just could be that you are on somebody else’s road.

6. Working a Job For Somebody Else is Just Not Working Out For You

Last but not least, we have the classic “I just cannot work under a boss” excuse. If you recognize yourself in this situation and also identify with most of the signs above, maybe you are right. You really cannot work under supervision and were designed to lead, not follow!

The Bottom Line

How many of the above signs do you recognize in your own self? Is this feeling, a once in a while thing or do you think that it holds a stronger base in you feeling unfulfilled with your life?

Or have you already realized that you need a stronger purpose in life, but are simply too afraid and unsure of the consequences of abandoning the life you are already living?

If you find yourself in a position where your heart is telling you to let go but your mind is coming up with multiple reasons as to why you should keep holding on, do not worry. Know that once you are doing what you were put here to do, then nothing else will seem to matter.

All you need is a little courage and you can be on your way accomplishing everything that you wanted to accomplish. You may even want to become a life coach and help others get the courage as well!