It’s pretty obvious how remote hiring saves employers money, but what about remote employees? Are there financial benefits to working from home? Of course there are! Here are six simple ways that telecommuting can save you money. Remote working isn’t just about skipping the commute to the office — rather, it’s about changing the way you live, work, and prosper.

1. You don’t need to take time off as often.

Ever had to go without pay so that you could make it to a doctor’s appointment or handle some long overdue errands? When you telecommute, that’s not a problem. Schedule your working hours around your schedule or work from your phone or laptop no matter where you are.

2. Childcare becomes much more flexible.

If you wake up to a child with a temperature, skipping work is usually what results out of it. Similarly, for children who aren’t in school (or for children who get out before the workday is over), childcare can be expensive. Both of these problems are solved with remote working, which allows the parent to be home with a child while still getting work done.

3. You don’t have to buy lunch.

A ten-dollar lunch at the office every day of the week adds up. When you work from home, you can cook from home too. Say goodbye to bagged lunches and expensive lunch receipts. Instead, heat up your leftovers from the comfort of your own kitchen. Save money and have a better meal.

4. Forget about monthly public transit passes.

If you commute to work, buying a monthly (or weekly) public transit pass can also be a huge expense. Working remotely eliminates this cost, allowing you to work from home and avoid the morning and afternoon rush-hours on local trains, subways, and buses.

5. You’re not buying fuel.

And if you drive to work? Remote work will lower your fuel spendings. Of course, that’s not to say that you’re stuck to your home instead of a coworking space or local cafe, but by working remotely you can choose to work from home a couple days of the week instead of gassing up for a week’s worth of driving.

6. You can work from anywhere.

Because you can work from anywhere, you don’t have to take unpaid time off to travel. Of course, the decision is yours, but if you can work and still enjoy vacation, family holidays, and sightseeing, why not take advantage of the ability to travel and keep making a steady income?

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