Focusing the mind or thinking about something profoundly over a span of time is referred to as meditation. The serene procedure of meditation can be done in the tranquil environment with the intention to achieve spiritual or religious relaxation.

Drishti Yoga School, located in the arms of the Himalayas, in the city of Rishikesh conducts various meditation courses to help people overcome from the stress or disease, they are suffering from. Don’t think that, you can only do meditation for a cause or a reason.

Simply, for the purpose of calming the mind or achieving the state of peace; one can opt the practice of meditation.

Here enlisted the seven simple meditative methods that can be opted:-

  • A Right Place

A right meditation practice starts with the right environment! & one can find the most suitable environment for meditation practice in Rishikesh.

Just for a second; think, how it feels to spend a quality time near the holy Ganges or in the foothills of the Himalayas. I can say it with confidence that just beside sitting the river Ganga, one can meditate so easily.

  • Using the sense of sight

This method focuses on the sense of sight, as in this method one should focus on the stagnant object to tranquil our mind.

In this method usually, a person uses a candle flame to meditate in the dark. This method is a crucial part of meditation which often relieves our mind.

  • Visualization of Image

This method mainly focuses on the power of someone’s mind to visualize the object with closed eyes.

One can envisage objects like heart, chakras, burning flame and hold your concentration on that meditate object.

  • Mantra Chanting

Mantra Chanting is one of the bonzer paths to achieve the serene and focused state of mind.

Mantra Chanting involves repetition of some phrase or sentence, again and again, to make our mind focused. This will become more wonderful using the mala beads.

  • Focusing on the Body Part

This guide helps in bringing consciousness to the body and helps in bringing calmness in our soul.

This method comprises of the technique involving the concentration of our mind in between the eyebrows, i.e., the third eye.

  • Focusing on the Breath

One of the facile ways for beginners to start their meditative cycle is following their breath. It is not only a starter method of meditation but also renders a serene and restful state of mind.

Performed by the saints and yogis from the historic era, this method is one of the most common paths in achieving the masters in meditation during the yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

I know you are satisfied with this but want to know more? After all, it’s human nature; then, Come to the registered yoga school in Rishikesh, Drishti Yoga School and gain the immense knowledge and learn the ways of Meditation.