Every now and then, We always have a new business popping up. The lifeblood of any business, whether online or offline is Sales.

That’s what makes every business worth it.

These simple six ricks are what smart entrepreneurs are using to increase sales and become niche masters in no time.

Let’s get down to some of them.

1. Rapidly successful SMEs build strong networks

It is becoming important for entrepreneurs that want to attain the “influencer” status. Mark Annese, Co-Founder at GreenBanana reported how networking has helped improve their sales in SEO services.

Mark said, “Networking is the biggest sales tool and number one tip a young entrepreneur can use. When you are starting up, potential customers and partners are buying both you and your brand. Ninety percent of our sales come directly from networking and building networks around increasing SMEs to use relationships. Join your local Chamber of Commerce and make time for your networking meetings. It will pay off.”

2. Cold Pitching

Cold pitching is still one of the biggest methods out there f9or any new business. In a challenge to prove how new freelancers can make a living from writing, Oni of Writers charge earned 4 figures mainly cold pitching clients.

If you are thinking the traditional cold pitching has worn out, then you need to think again.

Additional tip: Don’t pitch just at any time of the day. Knowing the time zome of your clients is important.

You don’t want your clients to wake up to see 5 messages from you.

3. Follow up

The kind of follow-up that has worked for me has been to follow up clients after 3 days of pitching.

If no response comes in from your prospect, Don’t give up. Chances are that your emails were forgotten.

4. Patience is key

The mistake most SMEs do is the lack of patience. And that’s something you should avoid. You don’t want to start up your business and fail out for lack of patience.

Learning the strings of doing the right things well and working with white hat SEO techniques is worth it.

Some bad practices, like

• Reducing the prices of your service ( which ultimately leads to creating mediocre services),

• Using fake and negative social media presence that could ruin your business for life should be avoided.

• Stacking your business website with the keyword is bad, too in the long run.

5. Bring your Business Online

Think of any company breaking grounds recently and it’s not on the web?

That’s not possible. Figure out how you could set up your company website with the services and kick-start a successful online business.

Some important steps could be:

1. Getting a professional web developer. This is as crucial as not going to content mills and seeking cheap services. If you are looking to make a lot of money from your business, You have to invest a lot in it.

2. Get a top-notch content marketing strategy too. You can hire a team of excellent writers to make some features on your company website. The best way to put yourself on the front page of Google is to create value that brings customers in.

6. Build trust and relationships

Customers respond well and build more trust in businesses that have established some form of dominance in the online marketplace.

That’s why those old guys in the business always get more jobs, and you could do same.

Don’t start off on the wrong foot. Build strong relationships with your clients while doing business. And always look out for how to increase the trust your clients have in you.

Greg Monterrosa, who is a Co-Founder at MyLLC, Inc had this to say;

“People want to do business with people they know and trust. Make yourself known within your community and industry as the go-to person for your service.”

You are thinking if using some of these features.

Osho Ayodeji is a business and tech savvy writer. He writes for business and tech blogs. He also enjoys building websites for clients and heads the CJ web and mobile design consults. You can reach him on his email: [email protected]