Living in the midst of a global pandemic tends to put a damper on things and finding your way back to a little peace and calm can feel daunting. The good news is that you can choose to use some of that extra downtime to start up (or rekindle) a simple spiritual routine that will not only start your day off right, but keep you in a place of calm even as the craziness continues in the outside world.

1.  Clear your energy

When we interact with others, we pick up their energy and it’s important to clear that energy off. It may be a rude comment you read, a fight with your partner, or someone at the grocery store who refused to stay 6 feet away.  Clearing your energy every morning helps you feel lighter and ready to take on the world (or at least your little section of the living room). You can use sea salt in the shower, do a little dance to shake it off, or simply ask your guides to clear you. It really doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you do.

2.  Sit in gratitude 

Taking a few minutes to be thankful is a real game changer.  Make a mental note of what you are grateful for, write down one good thing that happened to you yesterday, or think about someone you love. The simple action of sitting in gratitude each morning raises your vibration so that you will feel happier, and attract even more things to be grateful for throughout the day.  Yes, even while in quarantine.

3.  Expand your power

It’s easier to pick up icky vibes from those around you if you leave space for it to stick. The simplest way to avoid this is to expand your own energy out so that there’s no room left for anyone else’s. Try putting your hand on your belly and envision a golden ball of light. Breathe deeply for a minute or two, imagining this energy expanding out further and further as you do. Sit in the comfort of this energy until you feel calm, centred, and ready to start your day.

4.  Ground your energy

Grounding (or connecting to Mother Earth) is the quickest way to feel less stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. To do this, simply place your feet on the ground and bring your attention to the earth (some like to envision roots growing out of the bottom of their feet) until you feel calm. Ask Mother Earth to take any stress you’ve been carrying and then request the perfect grounding vibration for you to flood your body in return. It only takes a minute and the calming effects can last long into your day. 

5.  Set your intentions

You may not feel like setting long term goals or being overly productive right now and that’s understandable. However, it’s important to remember that life goes on and you want to go along with it. Finding small goals that are achievable today will boost your confidence and help you feel more positive. Start by trying a new recipe for dinner, focusing on forgiving your friend, or simply having a shower and getting dressed. It doesn’t matter what intention you set, only that you follow through and have something positive to focus on.

6.  Trust that you will be ok

Trust is something that most of us struggle with, but it really is worth the stretch. It may not feel like much is happening for you at the moment, but what if you trusted that it was? What if all this discomfort is leading you to a better place than you’ve imagined? What if you are going to be ok? There is no way to know for sure what the outcome of this pandemic will be, but by choosing to trust in the good of each other, our power to affect change, and our ability to do hard things, we can get through these times with a renewed sense of hope and that’s a fantastic way to start off your day.

These six little steps will not cure coronavirus, or instantly make things better … but they can change the way you feel and how you approach your day. You can feel more at peace, more connected, and more in control. Your vibration will be higher which can greatly improve your mood, even on those days you decide to stay in bed and shut out reality for a while. You may not be able to catch that yoga class, or enjoy a matcha with your BFF … but you can find some peace, even in the middle of a pandemic.