You know you can do something more to get your business off the ground and you still do not know for sure what. There was no lack of who came offering you the gold and the Moor, it seemed wonderful and still did not give you results. A part of you knows that there are simple things that can be done with little money but you do not know which ones.

Here I propose these simple ideas so that you start marketing your business.

Choose your strong social network
Everyone tells you that you must have a presence on all networks or at least on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There are even those who tell you when, where and how often to post, but I have seen that many startups and rising businesses usually have a strong social network.

Identify yours: the one that gains more followers or the one that is easier to publish and interact with your clients. You may love the live broadcasts or photos you share on Facebook, the real-time interaction on Twitter (Food Trucks have benefited from this medium), your Pinterest fans to love your product catalog or go to a young audience via Snapchat. Identify the network that generates greater exposure and customers. Get used to it and that’s a good start for your social media strategy.

Online Coupons and Discount Codes
The discount coupons encourage the growth of businesses since they are one of the best ways to generate revenue, attract new customers and retain them. They generate different benefits, both for your company and your customers, so they are an option to consider when looking for a boost to sales.
In every business we always aim to increase sales, promotions can be a great option in the short term, temporarily capturing part of the market share of the competition.

In case you want to promote a new product with the aim of getting potential customers, offering an online coupon with a discount towards that product will help you boost your sales
Among other advantages, they will also help you eliminate the stock. Through the discounts you can get rid of the products that do not manage to be sold and that only generate financial leverage. Through the coupons you can give away the surplus stock of the season or sell it at a much lower price.

Do you have a phone? Make videos
Many times we do not notice the wonderful machines that we have in our pockets: smartphones. Many look at the price, the size or the brand, but few on the benefits. The videos that you can take with your phone, equipped with high definition and improved sound, can be options for your business.

Whether through a live transmission via Facebook, a question and answer session by Periscope, small segments via Snapchat or Instagram and even a video blog on YouTube, you can show your products, your location, answer frequently asked questions from your clients or even communicate offers.

Record podcast
A podcast is an audio recording, more like radio shows, that you can record and upload to the network for others to listen to. There you only have your voice and what you have to attract someone who can listen to you in the office, in the car back from work or on a walk to school.

Before, it was complicated not only to record them, but to upload them. Now, with the recorders of the phones that offer an acceptable quality and platforms such as Soundcloud or Ivoox that automatically upload your podcasts to iTunes but can also be heard through an App or through Twitter and Facebook, it’s never been easier to meet.

A tip: it is more fun when it is more than one person, because conversations tend to be more enriching with the exchange of ideas. Even blog topics can also work for the podcast.

Create a graphic identity
Maybe I should have started with this, but many take it for granted or simply do not consider it when it should be the most important thing for people to recognize you. After all, remember that most of the stimuli we receive per day come through our eyes. Does your business have a logo? If so, put it to the test: ask clients, friends and random people what they think and use that feedback. You may need a designer to support you with the creation of a new logo.
Remember that the logo is the face of your business: it should appear on your business cards, it will be the profile image in your social networks, it will be on the first slide of your sales presentation and on your website or online store, so try to create an easy to remember logo.