By Ashley Stahl, Originally Published in Forbes

As we hurl through 2019, one trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down is the number of jobs that are starting to go remote. In fact, a study from stated that remote work grew a staggering 115% from 2005 to 2015.

While it’s easy to find a tech job that will allow you to flex your computer skills from anywhere, finding a job in a different industry may present more of a challenge.

Fear not, friends! Here are 6 fast-growing industries that offer remote work:

  • Online Math Tutor: Gone are the days of tracking miles and driving to a student’s house. Instead, tutor students one-on-one from anywhere!
  • Insurance Case Manager: No need for a cubicle in this role. With tasks ranging from assessing health status, educating patients, and investigating gaps in plans, there’s plenty to do from the road in this highly mobile job.
  • Nonprofit Work: From volunteering to consulting to operations coordinating, there are a handful of jobs that you can do from anywhere with a computer (and a desire to travel)
  • Marketing: These days, marketing has become a highly technical job, which means you don’t need to be confined to an office to be a social media manager, product marketing manager, or marketing specialist. All you need is a fast internet connection and a killer work ethic.
  • Software Engineer: An increasingly important skillset to master, learning how to write clean code and work on the back end of websites and e-commerce sites will open up a lot of doors in the digital age.
  • Product Management: Similar to a marketing position, a product manager is someone who will wear a lot of hats in a company, but doesn’t necessarily have to be present in the office to get a full day’s work in. From collecting and analyzing data to negotiating with partners and budgeting projects, the scope of work just depends on your level of experience!

As the world becomes more connected, it becomes easier for people to match their skillsets with their schedules. Companies want to make their employees happy, and people want to live their best lives by being able to travel while still maintaining a steady income. Catch the wave and find a job that meshes with your life and career goals!

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