Continuous focus during difficult work days can be the most exhaustive part for anyone’s work day, especially that of a young entrepreneur or someone new to the workforce. When it comes to improving your mental clarity throughout the day it isn’t always as cut and dry for everyone and varying techniques might need to be put in place to make a significant change and help you succeed. Below are a few habits and skills you can implement in your day to day life that will help your ability to focus throughout the day and maintain a schedule that isn’t too overwhelming.


Giving yourself some time during the day to centre yourself and block out any significantly stressful daily occurrences can be very beneficial in your overall mental health and the way you perform at work. By allowing your mind to focus intently on your breathing for a certain amount of time it trains you to be able to harness and implement this type of focus within other aspects of your life. Meditation can be as quick as a minute or as long as you feel you need to drown out stressful factors—it is in your hands to create the schedule that works best for you and when it is appropriate to implement throughout the day. 

Eat Mindfully

            It’s all too common to be sitting at your desk during a stressful work day and mindlessly be snacking on food as a way to keep up your energy level or decrease boredom. In order to built a strong mind and improve your mental clarity it its important that you fill your day with healthy and nutritious foods that aren’t used to curb some sort of craving or to take your mind off of your work if only for a little while. By feeding yourself all the necessary vitamins and minerals for physical and mental strength you will increase your ability to manage your busy schedule without feeling burnt out or bleary eyed by the end of the day.

Prepare the Night Before

A simple way to relieve some of the workday stress and increase your focus is by preparing all necessary appointments, documents and to-do lists the night before so that you have the necessary amount of time in the mornings to wake up and begin in peace. Any company documents should be stored away safely in a secure virtual data room every night to ensure there aren’t any leaks or hacks and so that you can rest easy knowing that all of the data you need will be there when you wake up. It is also useful to double check your schedule the night before and ensure that there aren’t any meetings that overlap, not leaving you any time to focus intently at the work you need to get done. This will save you a lot of trouble the next day when you are trying to reschedule or move around tasks to accommodate for your busy day.

Jot It Down

            Another simple way to rid yourself of unwanted stress is by writing down all the tasks you need to do as soon as possible and clearing your mind so that you are better able to focus the rest of the day. Using a notepad for anything that might be burdening you is a great way to clear your mind while also keeping all the information you need to retain still close at hand if you feel like you need to look back at it later one. However, this can also be done with online tools or apps directly on your computer so that you don’t have to fuss around with any additional paperwork while trying to stay organized and focused.

Create An Optimal Workspace

Having the wrong workspace for your needs can be detrimental to maintaining your focus and mental clarity throughout the day. If your area is cluttered or not effectively designed so as to promote ease and efficiency, then I can be difficult to do everything you need to do in a specific amount of time. This necessity of an optical workspace also extends to having the right tools to do your job effectively, such as partnering with a data room provider for the secure storage and sharing of documents or Skype as a way of communicating with anyone around the world.

Take Short Breaks Often

Rather than taking longer breaks less throughout the day it can be more beneficial to take small, short breaks instead. These allow you to better rejuvenate when overwhelmed with work so that when you are ready to return to your desk you can do it with a clear mind. You might need to take a break a bit earlier than scheduled and that’s okay, as long as it helps you perform better at your job and keeps your mind clear so that you continue to work and live productively throughout the week.


Reading for a few minutes before bed is a great way to improve your focus while also allowing to clear your mind and be ready to take on the next day. Even bringing a book along with you to work to dip in to during your breaks can relieve some stress and improve cognitive function so that you are better able to cope with your work load and remain as productive as possible.