Is not necessary to be terminally ill to be bedridden. It’s enough to just dislocate a bone or have any other injury so you will stay all day in bed and not walking and this happened to me a few days ago. You may saw I wasn’t very active on social media as used to. I dislocated my knee and I can’t stay on my desk working and it will take like 6 weeks to recover and because of the injury I can’t sleep more than 4 hours and I’m very tired to work on my blog or on social media. But because I can’t just stay in the bed and look at my roof, I have to find something to do and here is what I do and what you can do if you are bedridden during the holidays.

  1. Don’t be sad – Every injury will heal, but takes time. Don’t be sad because you can’t play in the snow, you can’t get outside to watch the fireworks or doing anything else you planned to do. You will heal and get back to your normal life. It’s not the end of the world.
  2. Read – You can read a book or an ebook or read on internet subjects that interest you. Take advantage of your situation and read or learn more about something you like but never had time to do it.
  3. Do some self work – Think how 2017 was for you, what you achieved what goals do you have for 2018. Also you can meditate and reflect to your future.
  4. Listen – You can listen to music, not only Christmas music, but you can listen to the music you love, an audio book or a podcast.
  5. Plan – Take your planner or just a notebook or any time of pape and plan your next year and your business (if you are a business owner). The new year is he perfect time to achieve your goals and do what you love.
  6. Relax – Everyone need to relax. Even if you didn’t want, you took time off so while your injuries heal, relax and heal your soul too.

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