A massage is a well deserved treat for anyone, as it helps you relax and it can restore your faith in humanity after a rough day at work. Most people consider a massage session to be a sort of a luxury, which is a shame. If you work in an office or your job consists of physical work, then you do need regular massages to relieve the tension from your muscles and prevent pulling a muscle. A high quality neck massager can provide enough relief on daily basis, keeping your neck area pain-free and improving flexibility, but do make an effort and book a full body massage session from time to time.

You will be amazed to experience just how many health benefits come with a massage. Another thing you will be amazed is the amount of things your therapist is able to learn about you from the moment they meet you.

You carry a big and heavy purse

There is no way you can keep a secret from your massage therapist, especially if it’s related to the amount of stuff you carry on daily basis. When you are used to carry a large bag, your body is going to become tighter on one side. Your glutes, quads and hamstrings are going to become tight and your pelvis is going to tilt slightly. The massage therapist is going to know all this, so you might as well come clean and tell them about your habit.

You have problems with your bowel movements

A full body massage is focused on the back, legs and arms, but the massage therapist is also going to massage your stomach. When they do this they can figure out if you are constipated, because your abdominal area becomes firmer when your colon is full. Regular massage sessions improve blood flow all around your body, which can actually promote daily bowel movements.

You suffer from allergies

When you suffer from allergies you experience a wide array of symptoms, from sneezing and coughing to inflammation. The lymph nodes across your body also suffer inflammation processes, which is obvious for your massage therapist. Luckily, a massage can actually ease your allergy symptoms. From all that sneezing and coughing your muscles become tight, so a massage can help loosen them up. Researchers have been able to find a link between stress and allergies, so by having regular massage sessions during allergy season you can actually minimize your body’s response to allergens.

You work in a cold environment

We all know the struggle of having to work in a cold place. If you work in an office you can always put a sweater on, but there are also work environments where u have to wear uniform and just put up with the cold. When we are cold we hunch up our shoulders, ending with a lot of tension in the neck and upper body, tension that is visible for a massage therapist.

You don’t drink enough water

The classic test to see if you drink enough water is made on the skin, but your massage therapist can also learn if you’re dehydrated by the trigger points in your upper back, which become tender in the lack of the recommended amount of eight glasses of water per day.

You are in love with technology

Most of us spend a lot of time in front of a computer, in an awkward, unnatural position. Then, there are the smartphones and their spell which makes us text too much or spend too much time with our heads down, scrolling. Technology and good posture seem to be in a hateful relationship, so your massage therapist is going to know just how much time you spend texting by the imbalance in your shoulders and the tightness in your neck.