We are humans and things around us always have an impact on us.  These elements can have a negative impact or sometimes give us a push and energy in our lives. Studies show that watching something affects our minds more than what we hear.   And observation quickly affects the human brain. 

But the tradition is that if you are broke at any stage of your life, the only option is to listen to a motivational speaker.  Motivational speakers give speeches and do their best to inspire, motivate,  encourage people, and turn the human mind in a positive way. These speeches can be very important and influential and may be game-changers for someone.  

But human psychology is not the same for all. What influences me may no affect you at all.  A speech lasting more than an hour by the most famous motivational speaker maybe just a normal and ineffective one for someone. So instead of relying on any external force, you need a motivational one from within yourself. You are the only one that you need to stay on top of your life and face the negativity.

Motivational Speakers And You

It is important that you stay motivated and full of energy in your life. But our conditions change with every moment. Every day the world sees a new and changed form of us  There will be situations in your life when your morale gets to the lowest point and sometimes it touches the heights of the blue sky.

It is impossible to listen to motivational speakers every day to get motivated and deal with things that we don’t like around us. Isn’t there a motivational speaker whose every word has an effect and is always available to you? 

To reveal the secret, you do not need to look around. This mentor and speaker are yourself. Today I will tell you how you can become an enthusiastic speaker and mentor for yourself that will change your life and teach you how to stay full of energy in every moment of your life.

1-Talk To Yourself

Listening and being influenced by others is a separate thing. Which is not sure to be effective always.  There is nothing wrong with listening to motivational speakers. You can try this option as well.

But have you ever spoken to yourself?
Have you ever lectured yourself? 
Have ever you made yourself a friend who cares for you?

Lecturing yourself and talking to yourself is the most inspiring and effective. It comes from the heart and goes to the heart. It directly affects your brain. I guess you will ask, what should you say to yourself?

Are there any secret words that can do the magic?
The answer is not difficult, Simply, tell everything that you want to hear from others. It not only excites you but also gives you a different kind of feeling and encouragement

Praise yourself, tell yourself about the good things you have done and what you want to do in the future. Motivate yourself for the future with some powerful words and quotes.

2-Show  Confidence

Someone has said that one can hide success for a while but cannot hide confidence. Maybe people don’t know that you have done something extraordinary but they will surely notice your confidence. 

This doesn’t mean you should not show confidence until you do something exceptional and win a noble prize. Rather, it is a great thing to act like you are the most confidant man in the world.

Self-confidence should be known by your every action and style. When people see that you have confidence, others will trust you even more. 

3-Be Deaf To Negative Things

Listening to negative things from others. It happens and no one has an exception. It happened to everyone in the world before as well. No matter how successful or unsuccessful you are, you would have to listen to negative things from others. 

There is no way to avoid it. But do you know when this gets worst and what hearing is?

If you are discouraged and demotivated by negativity. Then you are taking the criticism seriously. You are doing something wrong and you must stop it. But if you listen and ignore it, you have not heard it, and cannot affect you.All you have to do is look at your efforts.

What did you do today to achieve your goal?
What did you do better than yesterday? This is the most important thing for you.

4-Push Yourself For Excercise

Making friendship with yourself is a very important thing to do in your life. This friendship should be both physical and spiritual. The most important thing in physical friendship is to exercise and keep your muscles fit.

This exercise saves you from a lot of mental depression. You cannot be mentally fit and strong unless you are physically strong and fit. Exercise should be the most important thing on your to-do list every day. 

Depression is energy and exercise is one of the best ways to release it without putting pressure on yourself. Try to exercise regularly every day. If you have time, do it early in the morning because it is the best time and you get charged, motivated, and focused for the whole day. It is one of the best self-motivators for you.

5-Face The Failure

Failure is not a bad thing at all, but it is bad to feel bad about it and not to face it. Failure is a part of our lives. 

To be honest, it’s not a bad thing if you don’t like to fail. 
Just ask yourself, does failure stop you from trying again?
If not then you just have to think about trying again. Give yourself another chance.

You feel bad when people talk about your failure even though it was an effort you should be proud of. 

6-Read Motivational Quotes

A great way to motivate yourself is to write encouraging quotes in your workplace that will inspire you right away. These words can be on your table with a cup of tea or on the walls of your office around you. These quotes give you new energy and it is almost the easiest but most effective way to become your motivator.