Secrets to Manifesting Money Fast

Anyone who knows me and has been following my work knows that I constantly say that we are energy. So, in order to manifest money, we must become an energetic match to money. Everything in this universe is energy and everything has a vibration. You have a vibration, the food we eat has a vibration, the space around us has a vibe, and so does money. Let me repeat: money has its own vibration. The key is to become an energetic match and vibe at the same vibration as money so you attract it.

The more fun you have with manifesting, the more the universe can co-create with you. It is only normal for fear based thoughts to creep into our minds and doubt ourselves or wonder if manifesting actually does work. So how can you choose to feel inspired and joyful instead of fearful? How can you shift your low vibes to high vibes when reality says you are running out of cash?

The Zen Money Mind Secrets to Manifesting Money Fast:

Zen Money Mind Tip 1: Be Grateful

You may have read or listen to this millions of times, but that is because it is so darn important! I make a list every morning of what I am grateful for. There is always something to be grateful for. Imagine if tomorrow you only woke up with the things that you were grateful for the previous day. My gratitude lists instantly raises my vibration and sets my day off right. I usually take about 5-10 minutes to do this every morning. I close my journal entry by saying thank you three times and then do the following money manifestation secret:

Zen Money Mind Tip 2: Set your intention

Take time to get crystal clear on the amount of money that you are requesting. The Universe LOVES details (details help evoke more feelings). For example, don’t just say “I am manifesting $1,000.” Instead say, “I am manifesting $1,000 by the end of this month. This makes me feel incredibly grateful and supported.” (Imagine the feeling of how you would feel if you just received the $1,000 at this very instance). The feeling is extremely important, which leads us to manifesting money secret number 3 ?

Zen Money Mind Tip 3: Act “As if.” Feel as if the money has already manifested itself.

Despite your current physical reality showing the contrary, you have to see yourself as already having what you desire. How does it make you feel if you had everything you desired right not? Feel into this feeling.

Zen Money Mind Tip 4: Say Thank You for the money that flows in AND out.

Typically, when we receive money we feel happy, but when we receive bills or see the negative sign in our checking accounts we feel anxious, worried, and fearful. Most of us have been programmed to feel this way since we were little. In order to get into the feeling of abundance and attract more of what you desire, you need to reprogram this state of mine. When you see the electricity bill has taken out more than other months, you may feel angry and/or worried. By doing this, you are blocking the flow of abundance. In fact, you are inviting more bills and more expenses into your reality. Learn to say thank you and feel grateful both when money flows in and when it flows out. Love your money. Love it when it flows in and love it when it flows out. Remember, money is energy and we want to be an energetic match it and flow with it all of the time.

Zen Money Mind Tip 5: Treat money like you would want to be treated.

How do you like to be treated? You love to be loved, respected, and taken care of, right? So treat your money the same way. Show how much you love your money by taking care of it. One way to respect and love your money is to organize your purse and wallet. Remove any needed receipts, old gum wrappers, unnecessary business cards. Organize the money you do have and be grateful for each bill. I personally like to put the larger bills first, so that when I open my wallet, I see them first and feel more abundant. Be thankful for your money. Love it and respect it. It will treat you the same back.

Zen Money Mind Tip 6: Stay in the zen (present) and trust the process.

Manifesting may not happen over night for you (or maybe it will). Often times the universe has to catch up to our new reality (thoughts and feelings). So be patient. Focus on the present moment and be happy and grateful for wherever you are in life. This will help keep you at an energetic frequency for money. Do not think of your past and poor financial decisions. That is in the past. Don’t worry about the future and how uncertain it may be. Living in the past or future just sabotages your current vibration. Live in the Zen.

Attracting more money and more abundance in your life, is a matter of you changing your thoughts and feelings and connecting deeper with the universe.

Thank you for reading. I hope this brought you some inspiration.

Do all things with great love and great zen! =)

In love and light,



  • Jaclyn Marie

    Mindset Coach and Financial Empowerment Leader

    Zen Money Mind

    Jaclyn Marie is a business success coach for entrepreneurs and master zen manifestor who teaches the methods of co-creating and living a life beyond your wildest dreams. Jaclyn’s mission is to empower women to become financially independent, to design lives and businesses that they are wildly passionate about, and to live a life of freedom. She combines her love for helping others with practical business advice and spiritual principles to empower women and live a life beyond their wildest dreams.