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Do you feel claustrophobic when someone invites you on a social gathering? If yes, then there is no need to beat yourself for this problem because it is one of the common social issues which is today faced by most of the adults. According to one survey, around 15 million adults in the US today are suffering from social anxiety disorders.

The problem of social anxiety can be easily addressed if you follow some reprogramming tips to make your subconscious mind believe that the surroundings in which you are going are totally comfortable according to you. For reprogramming your subconscious mind to deal with social anxiety issues, you can try the following tips when you are going to attend a social gathering.

Tip 1. Find Your Comfortable Spot

Okay, so when you are attending a social gathering, then you have to make sure that you are comfortable at the place. You need to, first of all, find a spot in the place or interact with the people with whom you feel at ease. If you don’t feel comfortable in a social gathering or some people make you feel uncomfortable, then you won’t be able to overcome your social anxiety issues. You need to reprogram your subconscious mind in believing that social gathering you are attending is comfortable for you and you won’t feel outcasted in it.

Tip 2. Try Relaxing Exercises

If any time during the social gathering, you start to feel panic and feel like your calm is losing you, then you should start practicing some relaxing exercises. You should start repeating your relaxation mantra in your mind and keep on reminding yourself that you can do this and keep your mind at ease. However, if you start to feel like having a panic attack, then you should immediately practice breathing exercises and taking long and slow breaths which will help you in relaxing your mind.

Tip 3. Always Have an Escape Route Ready

This might sound like a negative approach, but this will keep your mind calm when your mind knows that your escape route is ready. Like, when you are attending a party at your friends, then never carpool with your other friends, always ride in your own car or hire a cab. This way you know that you can easily leave the party if the situation gets too uncomfortable for you. This will also keep your mind calm and let his guard down for a minute because everything is under your control.

Tip 4. Wear Off Your Adrenaline

When you know you have to attend a social gathering in advance, then you should wear off your adrenaline rush before attending the event so that nothing awkward happens when you are attending the event. You can practice different activities like working out, sex, cardio and other relaxing and fast activities so that your mind feels tired and won’t hype up in the socially uncomfortable environment.

Tip 5. Be a Good Listener

If you don’t want to become a center of attention in a social gathering, then you need to develop the qualities of a great listener, you can stay behind the scenes and listen to the good conversations following around you, this way you won’t have to participate in the talking. You should let your friends take the main stage whereas you can provide your input from the side.

Tip 6. Dress up To Blend In

Okay, so if you don’t want the eyes of the crowd on you, then you need to dress up to blend in. Like, if you are attending a casual evening and for it, you are wearing your formal pantsuit, then you are indeed going to attract the attention. You need to here wear casual jeans and Tshirt so that you can easily blend into the crowd and won’t become subject to the hungry eyes.

So, if you are a socially awkward person, then you can try the following tips to start coming out of your shell and start becoming a social butterfly. These tips will help you in reprogramming your subconscious mind that you can overcome your social anxiety issues and become a socially extroverted person. Free self growth will help you with this, Just start slowly and surely one day you will be able to overcome your anxiety issues.