History shows us that men have dominated the world of business since, well, forever.

But history is just that – it’s history, it’s a thing of the past. Let’s take a look at six woman who and are leading the way in the world of business… 1.

1.Irene Rosenfeld

The chairman and CEO of one of the planets biggest food industries, Kraft Foods. For decades Irene Rosenfeld has been a prominent figure in the world food production. Before Kraft she was the CEO of Frito-Lay and championed healthy products way before health kick boom we see today. She has since taken Kraft to new heights, replacing AIG on the Dow list. Impressively Kraft mangeded to purchase chocolate giant Cadbury’s for over £10 billion. In 2011 she was named by Forbes as the tenth most powerful woman on the planet.

2. Carol M. Meyrowitz

Meyrowitz’ vision of creating retail brands led to being appointed CEO and President of TJX. Companies such as TK Maxx and Home Goods all fall under TJX’s umbrella with the idea to sell low cost affordable items. Since her appointment in 2007 she has generated her companies over $21 billion. Starting at Saks as an assistant buyer, she quickly developed herself into one of the leading retail CEOs in the world.

3. Ursula M. Burns

The first African-American woman to be appointed CEO of a fortune 500 company. Burn’s story is an incredible one. She was raised in the projects and started at Xerox as engineering intern. Rising through the ranks she help save the company from liquidation in 2001. Eight years later she became CEO. Xerox is now one the world’s richest companies with a value of over $13 million.

4. Indra Nooyi

After joining Pepsi in 1994 she was President by 2001. Acquiring Tropicana and Gatorade has been masterstrokes by Nooyi helping Pepsi move towards a healthier product market that doesn’t just rely on soda. Revenue has increased by 72% since her appointment and in 2007 was named CEO. Her strategies meant that, for the first time in over 100 years, Pepsi out sold Coca Cola. in 2011 she was named by Forbes magazine as the fourth most powerful in the world.

5. Ellen Kullman

For over 200 years DuPont has been the largest food ingredient maker in the world. Despite this, CEO Ellen Kullman has not been afraid to make big changes to the company. Appointed to the position 2009 she turned the business on its head, completely changing the model from oil based products to green energy and bio tech. This idea could ensure the company’s position for another 200 years to come. Under Kullman’s leadership the ingredient company has generated $1.75 billion in profit and $26 million in revenue.

6. Angela Braly

The CEO Wellpoint which is better know to you and I as BlueCross. One in nine Americans carry a BlueCross card on them at all times. Braly’s goal was to create affordable healthcare to American citizens. In 2010 Wellpoints revenue aquated to nearly $60 billion and has over 37,000 employees.