Wheels up!

There’s nothing worse than stepping off the jetway only to feel absolutely awful — you’ve been squished into a middle seat for 10 hours and your under-eyes could count against the airline’s bag limits. To make traveling a little more joyful this holiday season, Thrive Global has curated these 6 products, all designed to reduce stress and leave you feeling refreshed, even while you’re stuck in a packed security line. Our Travel Essentials gift guide includes an assortment of specially curated gifts, including downloads to help you disconnect and manage email on vacation and gear that will keep you fit on the go. Wheels up!

Sleep Your Way to the Top Rebecca Minkoff Pouch: This oversized leather pouch is the perfect accessory for travel and on the go. “Sleep Your Way to the Top” lettering adds a playful touch. Zip closure and interior zip pocket.

AROS French Terry Hoodie: The Aros French Terry Hoodie is an everyday hoodie that inflates into a pillow for support on the go.

Thrive Lavender Pillow: Breathe deeply, breathe sweetly. Place this small pillow filled with lavender seeds under any sleeping pillow and allow the gentle fragrance of lavender to relax you and help you get the sleep you need — and deserve.

Wellness Pad: The Wellness Pad opens up from a stylish bag into a stretching floor mat. It’s excellent in helping you to comfortably perform floor, stretching and strength exercises to improve flexibility and general well-being wherever you are.

Arianna Huffington’s Travel Essentials Kit: “Because I travel so much, I’m actually a little bit obsessed — okay, totally obsessed — with trying to do everything I can to make my flights more sleep-friendly. And what I’ve learned is that a little preparation goes a long way. I have my sleep mask, ear plugs, silk pillowcase, and lavender oil permanently packed in my carry-on. So even though airlines don’t always make it easy, by carrying a travel essentials kit, you can have a lot more control over your ability to get some sleep.” — Arianna

Thrive Away, Email App: Truly unplug with Thrive Away, the vacation e-mail tool that automatically deletes new emails while you’re away, letting senders know when you’ll be back in the office. Your time to recharge is more important than your inbox. App exclusively available to the first 1,000 email signups.

Originally published at medium.com