It’s easy to find yourself feeling worked up and exhausted, like no matter how much you sleep, you never seem to have energy. You might even have tried it and found that a few good nights of sleep just ain’t enough because you still feel like… nay? What’s going on?

We keep going through life thinking we’ve rested because we’ve gotten enough sleep — but in reality we are missing out on the other types of rest we desperately need. Based on a book by Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith; Sacred Rest – here is a look at a few different kinds of rest other than sleep; physical, social, emotional, mental, creative and spiritual. They are all important for a prosperous lifestyle. If you are experiencing a deficit in any of these, then it’s time you understand the true power of rest and recharge your soul!   

Physical rest is the most common kind of rest that we think of when we feel tired. It includes the amount of sound sleep but it can also include having a slow, quiet day where you avoid extra effort or a very gentle and relaxing yoga morning. Gentle movement and relaxing activities improves circulation. When you’ve pushed your body more than it can flex, it needs time to recover. We must give it the physical rest it needs. So do activities that de-stress you and ease any aches that you may be feeling. 

Do you often find yourself struggling to shut off your brain, as you lie down in bed at night to sleep? If the answer is yes, you definitely have a mental rest deficit. Mental rest is where you stop forcing your brain to work hard on something or anything that’s been bothering you for a while. Rather give it time to process information and make relevant connections. This is essential for being productive in the long run. 

There may have been numerous moments in a person’s life in which they’ve been consumed by a feeling – so many thoughts, worries, fears, doubts; all at once. As a society, we’re constantly tempering with our emotions on a daily basis. We sometimes try to hide them, lessen them or even alter them in one way or another. Because the truth is, most of us do not know where, how and when to manage our emotions in the right direction. When you’re going through emotional exhaustion, you might find that your tolerance for strong feelings has substantially decreased than it used to be. You seem to find your temper losing more easily, or reach your tears threshold faster than usual. 

Give yourself space where you don’t have to react to others’ emotions and where you can process your own. Offload your feelings to a willing listener. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a person; journaling your feelings can also help regain clarity. In all honesty, no matter what we do, our emotions will always be there. It’s a sign of being human! Lol. 

My dear outgoing extroverts, do you sometimes feel the need to take a break from hanging out with others? Well, you better spend some time alone before you are overwhelmed by all that rendezvous. Social rest is important because it gives us time to connect with ourselves and experience our own company without the distractions of others. 

Or, maybe it’s time to rejuvenate your social circle. Know the difference between socially draining encounters and try to replace those with refreshing ones to create balance. 

Another type of rest that every individual must opt for is creative rest. Although creativity is closely tied to mental rest, it isn’t the same thing. This is especially important for people who solve problems on a daily basis or are responsible to brainstorm new ideas in an organization. Go on a staycation and reawaken the wonders of natural beauty outdoors (works with my writer’s block, to tell you the truth!). Enjoy an evening at an art museum or a theatre performance and try to look at things or more precisely – life – from a different perspective. 

Is your life on ‘Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat’ mode? Do you often find yourself asking what is your purpose in this life? Or whether you are part of something bigger? Do you crave a sense of belonging? Probably, it’s time to pay attention to your spiritual wellness. To receive this in full, one must engage themselves in practicing gratitude, mindful breathing and really living in every moment like it’s the last. 

When was the last time you volunteered yourself in some community service? Go ahead and add it into your daily routine even if it’s for thirty minutes off your schedule. At the end of the day, you’ll feel as if you have achieved something significant and meaningful. Find time to be spiritual in whatever way you can manage so that even the mundane tasks have meaning. Spiritual rest is not just a process, it’s a mindset.

At one point or another, you are going to need every type of rest listed in this article. Once you have integrated all these (let’s call them goals?) in your routines, it’s going to put harmony in your life and the people you surround yourself with. Go on, indulge in your favorite kind of rest. 

May the force be with you!