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Fact: Our bodies age. And for many of us — we hate that. We don’t want to lose our muscle tone or how powerful we used to feel. We don’t want to give up the hair on our head or the confidence it gave us. We don’t want to wear glasses or any other reminder that our bodies are changing.

We don’t welcome these forms of aging because frankly, they represent loss — not just for who we were at our physical best, but how that made us feel. Some of us choose invasive procedures to try and turn back the clock, but there are a number of ways we can counter the unwanted effects of aging and feel the way we yearn to feel again.

1. Feel resilient by challenging your body

You can start from wherever you are by setting a goal that’s not easy, yet not entirely out of reach. Pursue a physical challenge that requires you to push yourself beyond what you’re capable of right now. Hiking, rock climbing, or swimming are all good options. In the striving and failing, the reaching and growing, you will feel resilient each time you get up and try again.

2. Feel energized by cleaning up your eating

One of the best way to change your energy is to elevate the quality of food you put in your body. Replacing processed foods with whole foods gives your body nutrition it was designed to use. Make it easy for your body to digest nutrients; my preferred method is by juicing fresh vegetables. Aim each day to eat a little better than you did yesterday. When your body feels nourished and strong, your mind will too.

3. Feel confident by investing in your self-care

You only have one body and the more you take care of it, the more confident you will feel. Want to feel more comfortable in your own skin? Take care of it by exfoliating, moisturizing, and wearing sunblock. That goes for both women AND men. Similarly, when you care for your hair, you’ll keep more of it. There are new, non-invasive technologies and easy to use products that can strengthen and protect what you have. When you make a point of caring for your person, you will feel like a person who can do anything.

4. Feel alive by going outside of your comfort zone

You don’t have to jump out of an airplane to feel alive. Though if you ever want to quickly reconnect to your vitality, I’ve found it an excellent way to do so! If freefalling out of a plane isn’t your speed, start by intentionally going outside of your comfort zone and trying something that scares you — you’ll feel exhilarated! Go zip lining, try scuba diving, or take an improv class. In doing what’s uncomfortable for you, you’ll feel activated and alive. With each fear you overcome, you train yourself to take on new challenges.

5. Feel empowered by proving yourself wrong

All too often we develop limiting beliefs about who we are and what we’re capable of accomplishing. You might believe, “I’m not a good public speaker.” Prove yourself wrong. Join Toastmasters, work with a coach, or present your work at a networking event. With enough practice and support, you’ll do things you didn’t believe you could do — and that’s empowering. You’re more powerful than you think.

6. Feel inspired by surrounding yourself with positive influences

Perhaps the most important part of feeling younger is to surround yourself with positive, active, interesting people who inspire you. It’s ideal if you can spend time with these kinds of people in person, but if that’s not practical right now, seek out other forms of positive influence. Read books by the people you admire, join meet-ups with those who share your interests, and go see speakers with an expertise in something you want to cultivate in your own life. When you seek these influences over time, you absorb their wisdom and catch their enthusiasm, the possibilities for your life become infinite.

I’ve devoted much of my life to helping people look and feel their best. I’ve worked with thousands of people over the years who wish they could turn back the clock — not because they want to be ten years younger, but because they want to feel ten years younger.

And what about ten years from now? Will you miss the way you feel today? Will you wish you had the body you have now? Your future self will feel as good as your current choices allow. While we cannot predict the future, we can set ourselves up to feel great. And while we cannot stop time, we can absolutely choose to feel young by taking actions aligned with our intentions. That’s my favorite part of aging — we can choose infinite possibilities.

How do you seek a more youthful outlook? Share your tips and successes in the comments below!

Craig Nabat, the CEO of iRestore and Freedom Laser Therapy, is a “relentless” entrepreneur and inventor who has spent his life taking his ideas from concept to reality. From inventing laser therapy to help people quit smoking to leveraging the iRestore, an FDA-cleared laser hair loss medical device, so people can protect and regrow their hair, Craig has been driven by powerful desire to pursue his dreams and help others at the same time. To learn more, visit or follow on Facebook at iRestore Hair Growth System or Twitter at @irestorelaser.

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