Remote Workers Can Maintain Sound Health

I asked a remote worker about how she has been coping with life as a remote worker. She was totally off the hook. You can see right through her eyes that she has been struggling with living a healthy life. As a remote worker, it is easier to get lost in the mix. You know there is no fixed monthly paycheck; this makes every remote worker wants to grab every available opportunity.

I had a lengthy phone conversation with a marketing strategist for B2B and B2C, Apolline Adiju. I asked how she has been balancing work and life for over seven years as a remote worker. She gave me six ways every remote worker can emulate to keep a balance between work and life:

Always Remember To Live First

Life has no duplicate, and every remote worker must learn to live first. Nothing beats sound health. If you will make more money, then sound health is a must. It seems to be the other way round for some remote workers who prefer to work instead.

Living first include:

– Doing yoga and exercising.

– Going on a date.

– Take a walk every evening.

– Spend time with family and friends.

When you choose to live first, it helps to stay healthy and vibrant. It is time to prioritize your health overwork.

Avoid Biting More Than You Can Chew

The temptation to take more clients than you can handle will kill you. This scenario happened to me in 2018. I had just joined a Marketing Company, and the pay was good. I took more than I could handle, and my health deteriorated. Knowing when to say – no, is wisdom.

Never Underestimate The Power Of Napping

Take a nap to stay refreshed. When making out your weekly timetable, find a space for one hour nap. Since I started taking naps, I feel refreshed and productive as well.

Learn To Shutdown Every Night

Stop stealing from your bedtime! Yes, you heard me loud and clear. One of such advantages of being a remote worker is flexibility. Some remote workers have made it a habit of stealing from their bedtime, thinking they will balance it in the day. They often find it challenging to keep to their words as more clients could come knocking in the day. Remember one thing – you can’t cheat nature.

Start Outsourcing Your Work

Outsourcing your work is a great way to save yourself some time and also live a better life. As a remote worker, I know sometimes we want to make more money, hence, we overwork. But the truth is, you can take more jobs and still save yourself enough time. All you need to do – outsource them out. The joy there is, you still earn a living. I call that smart work.

Eat Healthy Food Daily

Don’t be a fan of junk food. Acting too busy and eating a lot of junk food will affect your health in the run. Practice the habit of cooking your meals. Don’t order junks to save time. You are as healthy as what you eat.

Here is the list of food you can try:

– Fresh fruits like apple, banana, peas, orange

– Fresh yogurt or dairy milk to replenish your energy

– Clean water is also essential for the body

– Cook your meal instead of buying them, its cost-effective.

Being a remote worker shouldn’t deprive you of a healthy lifestyle. Healthy living should be a lifestyle. It is non-negotiable. Don’t be lost in the process of growing your business and ignoring your health. Only the living can dream and achieve their goals in life.