Procrastination, perfectionism, and second guessing choices are all culprits of not having the ability to accomplish your goals. In business, these culprits can cause additional side effects like: missed opportunities, extra work, and diminishing confidence.

In spite of fears, great leaders know how to navigate though the fears. They understand that fears, anxiety, and raw emotions come with the territory. However, they channel that energy in a productive way, to help them accomplish more, even when they are working through some level of resistance.

Today’s blog is inspired by one of my own “resistance moments” that happened a couple of week’s ago, during my gift-daughter’s birthday celebration.

Ed’s daughter, Brooke (a.k.a. Doodles) is quite a thrill seeker. For instance, on her 13th birthday, we jumped and flipped at the indoor trampoline park, Sky Zone. When she turned fifteen, we climbed and zipped our way through, Tree-umph, a “ropes course in the trees.”

It only seemed logical to take her somewhere were she could defy gravity altogether. If you’re guessing sky diving, you’re close. Doodle’s dad and I agreed that indoor skydiving at IFly in Tampa would be a safer alternative to actual skydiving.

Ed and I were super excited and could not wait to surprise her. But, the real surprise came to me. Let me indulge you in a story about it, as I share 6 Ways to Accomplish Your Goals, In Spite of Resistance.

1. Time is expensive…trust your guide

Team Castner arrived at IFly Tampa a little early. This gave us some time to view the other “flyers”, before we were called into the queue. With all this extra viewing time, we all carefully studied how others were embracing the tunnel.

Of course, we were given more formal instructions from our “flight” director, Drew. He was thorough, yet entertaining, during his instruction lesson. He said, “your time in the tunnel is expensive. Let me guide you so we can make the most out of your time and experience.”

Now, how many times do you go through life without proper guidance or leader who has already mastered the very thing you are wanting to accomplish?

I was quite sure about my ability to master the tunnel, as Drew was extremely reassuring that we would all “rock” the experience. All I had to do was trust my guide, right?

Bonus: Write down all the areas in your business you are “flying solo” or wasting time on.

2. Tune out distractions, nervousness and fear

Perhaps you are aligned with a guide but you struggle with tuning out the fears, noise, distractions that keep you from achieving your goals.

Once we were all suited up (yes, there’s a few pieces of gear we were required to wear), we entered into the flight chamber. Among the ten people who entered, my sweet family was scheduled to go first. Each “flyer” got two flights, one to get our bearings and the second flight allowed us to fly “higher.”

The birthday girl went first. Being a former gymnast and current dancer, Doodle’s was able to pull off her first flight flawlessly. Our oldest daughter, Lauren went next. She took to the wind tunnel like a fish to water.

Up next? You guessed it, yours truly. I eagerly stepped up to the doorway into the tunnel and assumed the “belly flop” position into the wind tunnel. With a minute and fifteen seconds on the clock, I was convinced that I was going to make the most of my time by following the all the “pre-flight” instructions.

There was just one problem…

3. Pay attention to the signals

In my head, I was focused on all the motions. After all, I wanted to look like an adventurous “cool mom” in front of my kids. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, everything. The one thing I hadn’t anticipated was the 105 mile an hour winds at your face doesn’t exactly make for easy breathing conditions.

Instead of focusing on what I was supposed to do, I let the fear of “air drowning” take over and was not able to pay attention to the instructor’s hand signals. Staying focused on his signals would have more than likely saved me from the overwhelming sensation of suffocating.

My first flight in the IFly Tampa wind tunnel was brutal. Check out what went wrong at about the 38 second mark.

Bonus: Write down any fears, emotions or circumstances that are causing any resistance. Then, write down “why” these reasons are holding you back.

4. Smile through the process

During our pre-flight instruction class, Drew mentioned to smile because our flight would be “caught on film.” He also said, smiling releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Too often, I see business leaders go through the motions of creating their business and life without smiling, physically or metaphorically.

I also heard in a Tony Robbin’s interview that when our posture is upright, our chin is up and we have a big ‘ole grin on our face, we are more likely to override “negative” or “limiting” emotions.

When I looked at the video of my “first flight”, my face was tense and filled with terror.

5. Don’t give up after a failed attempt…give it another go

It should come as no surprise that my first flight in the wind tunnel sucked… literally.

As a stammered back to my seat, I was pretty convinced I would not go up a second time. However, as I waited for the rest of my team to get through their first flight AND witness my girls second flight I thought, I’ve gotta follow through, in spite of my fears.

Right before I went in for my second flight the instructor said to me…

6. “Be still” – Drew, the IFly Flight Instructor

One of the hardest leadership skills to acquire is the ability to be still. Whether you are navigating the wind tunnel or the game of life, there’s great strength in your leadership abilities if you can be still.

Being “still” gives you the freedom to let the flow of other peoples genius’ go to work for you. This also empowers you to start delegating the sh!t that clearly needs to get off your plate so you can get back to focusing on what YOU are truly gifted at.

When I allowed myself to trust Drew’s ability to guide me safely through my next flight, I was able to enjoy the experience. Instead of using energy to resist support, I redirected the energy into feeling excited and pumped.

My second flight was much smoother. You catch a glimpse of my oldest daughter leaving the wind tunnel right before me.

Bonus: Identify two areas in your business/life that could use some additional support. Then, write down what would change for you, if you could get more support in these areas.

If you’re thinking to ask, “Erica, would you do it again?” I would answer, “yes!”

After all, the only way we master the art of accomplishing even bigger goals is by moving through resistance. Although, I’m not saying I want to necessarily master the sport of indoor skydiving.

Now, I want to hear from you…

What is a goal you want to accomplish but resistance is getting in the way? Share your reply in the “comments” below. Your reply will help me, help you in future blogs, podcasts and videos.

With that said, it’s time to rock, my friends!

Take Care,


Erica Castner - 6 Ways to Accomplish Your Goals, In Spite of Resistance

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