I’m curious about alternative healing modalities. I don’t profess to understand how most work, but I know from my own experience that I often gain new insights in the process. A few years ago I tried kinesiology. My sons were aged 2 years and 6 months at the time. I was beyond exhausted. I was open to anything that would help me. In our session I was given advice that if I was ever feeling overwhelmed or unsupported I could turn to Mother Nature. Mother Nature after all is a life giver and nurturer, just like us Earth Mothers.

I have in the years since thought many times about this when I have been feeling flat and tired. At those times I have called on Mother Nature to support me. Here are a few ways I have found to connect with Mother Nature and come away feeling nourished and rejuvenated by her. Many also happen to be backed by science (if that’s your thing).

  1. Going barefoot. I like shoes as much as the next girl, but there is something special, for me at least, about going barefoot. I’m grateful to live in a part of the world with clean, idyllic beaches and long summers. At every possible opportunity I get my feet sandy at our local beach. When I can’t get to the beach, I take my shoes off at the park or in my garden to feel the grass under my feet.

  2. Swimming in the ocean. I feel most at peace when I am at the beach. Floating in a beautiful warm salty ocean is medicine for my soul. It can feel as though my cares are literally washed away. I like to swim just far enough away from the crowds to experience some silence and solitude (rare as a mum).

  3. Digging in the dirt. I grew up with parents who always tried to involve me in our garden. I resisted. Homework became very important at the times I was called on. I am not about to say I am now an avid gardener, but I do find when I get out in the garden (mainly to pull out overgrown weeds) and get my hands dirty there is something healing about it. My mum is a serious gardener. She refers to it as her therapy and I can see why.

  4. Getting lost in the woods. I read an article a few years ago about “forest bathing” and how city dwellers in Japan were getting out of town and into nature to experience the health benefits. I may not get away often (two toddlers and their associated “stuff” can do that to you) but where I live there are lots of nature reserves and parkland areas to get in nature. I also strategically pick playgrounds set in bushland areas, so I can get the benefits of being surrounded by the wilderness while my littlies play.

  5. Smelling the roses. I might sound corny, but I have actually started doing this and it’s lovely. On my morning run, I pause to smell any neighbourhood roses which catch my eye (I am also quite partial to a lavender bush). Sadly many flowers lack the strong scents I remember from my nanna’s garden but that makes it all the more special when I do come across one with a beautiful aroma. Also keeping an eye out for them helps me notice the intricate beauty of nature.

  6. Looking up at the night sky. Nothing gives me perspective and makes my problems seem smaller than a few minutes looking up at the sky (even if that is when I am taking out the garbage). It is a place I still experience a childlike wonder and feel insignificant and special all at once.