Covid-19 has brough a lot of stress, anxiety, depression, and confusion among people. People from many countries believed that the situation which is faced by Covid hit countries would never be faced by them but eventually every country had to face it and there were some serious consequences. With the passage of time, the number of affected people kept on increasing and there were less hospital resources available which resulted in a serious mess.

Apart from the physical problems, a lot of people got anxious and had to pass through depression phase. This was natural to happen because the defense mechanism of our body is triggered in such situations and a sense of fear creates the courage to fight. However, there is a need to understand few things before you get anxious. Anxiety is natural, but in order to deal with it in a more practical way, you are required to update your knowledge and should practice some important things in your life to stay calm and relaxed.

What was the impact on anxiety?

It is clearly seen that the level of anxiety among people has increased a lot during the pandemic and they are in a state of disbelief and stress. In this article, we will talk about six important ways through which you can deal with anxiety and stress and can manage It on your own to protect yourself and your family during this pandemic in a better way.

Who are more affected?

Not everybody is affected with anxiety during this phase in the same way. There are portions of population which are affected more than others. For instance, children are more affected. It is important to talk to your children about this pandemic situation, guide them, and help them understand it in a better way. News channels show the situation which can create a negative impact on your child, and you need to be careful about that. Similar is the condition with old members of our family who have less immunity to deal with such virus. They know this and this feeling can cause anxiety in them. It is important to let your elders know the situation and help them follow the SOPs which can help protect their health. Following are the people who are considered more affected in this specific situation.

  • Health workers and paramedical staff.
  • Older people with less immunity.
  • People with some other disease.
  • Children who are unable to understand the situation.
  • Geographical areas where the risk of anxiety is already high.

How to deal with anxiety?

John Abio discussesthat it is important to learn the specific symptoms of anxiety during the covid-19 pandemic before you start treating it. When you know the symptoms, it becomes easier for you to know who is being affected more and as a result, you can take measures to help such a person in a better way. Here, we will talk about the most important things which can help you reduce the depression and anxiety of your family members and friends who are passing through this phase because of the pandemic. It is important to know that this pandemic is going to satay with us for months and not days, therefore, better prepare yourself before it is too late!

Know the facts and gather true information – One very important think to do during this pandemic is that you must gather the right information. A lot of sites and internet places are spreading false rumors which is why we are seeing a false increase in anxiety levels among people. You must know that everything which is talked about this pandemic is not true and you should learn on how to find the facts. There are many news channels which are busy dramatizing the whole situation, and there is a need to keep yourself away from such news channels! It is better to read blogs like John Abio in this situation.

Stay connected to your family via virtual networks – We all know that with the lockdowns and restrictions to go out, it has become difficult for us to meet with our family members This has also resulted in an increase of stress level. If this is the situation with you, you should introduce more virtual ways of connecting with family members and should stay in touch with them to reduce the fear.

Develop a routine which goes well with the new structure – Every individual is facing difficulties with managing the routine after the pandemic has hit. It is really very important to adapt this temporary way of living and make your routine adjusted according to this in order to enjoy your life in a better way.

Improve your hygiene and follow all the SOPs – One way of reducing your stress and anxiety is to take care of your health! When you follow the SOPs and stay protected, chances of covid hitting you are reduced to a significant level. This will improve your self-confidence and as a result you will feel securer.

Make a habit of exercising daily – If you were a gym person before this pandemic and are unable to enjoy gym now, you should not stop here. You should start exercising right away in your home. There are many exercises which you can do without the need of any equipment. When you exercise, negativity from your body is thrown out and this is the best way of bringing anxiety levels down. You should encourage other family members too and should help them learn new ways of exercising without the need of any gym apparatus.

Ask for help!

With the improvement in technology and advancement in communication via internet, it has become quite an easy thing to reach out to experts. In your specific anxiety case, you can talk to experts and people who are there for your help. Luckily, there are many people who understand your situation and are ready to help you during this pandemic with your anxiety.