Working in an ill-designed workspace can make even the most pleasant and easiest tasks a true nightmare. However, simply by implementing these six workspace design ideas, you can improve productivity, focus and general work satisfaction in the office.

Pay attention to colors

It’s a well-known fact that colors affect human mood and cognitive functions. Different colors can evoke different brain responses and affect productivity and overall comfort levels in the office. For instance, blue has a calming effect, while yellow or orange spark imagination and improve wellbeing. In order to achieve the right effect, check out the Psychology of Colors and find the shade that best fits your personality, type of work and lifestyle. 

Boost the lighting

There’s a huge connection between lighting and office productivity, especially when it comes to natural light. A perfect office should have plenty of sunlight that boosts mood, controls productivity and provides you with a more comfortable work environment. However, since it’s not always possible to have an office showered in sunlight, adequate artificial lights can also help. Make sure to layer the lighting and allow different tasks to be performed.

Control the temperature

Offices that are too hot or too cold can have a negative effect on workers’ productivity. That’s why the ability to control the temperature is quite important. According to the research, the optimal work temperature is 22 degrees Celsius or 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit. A quality air conditioner is a great way to control the temperature, but portable heaters or fans can also serve as a good plan B, especially for small home offices. 

Invest in good furniture

One of the most important elements of a comfortable and productive office is ergonomic furniture. A good chair and desk can help you finish your day without any neck or back pain and help reduce tension and distractions caused by uncomfortable furniture. Luckily, there are great office furniture solutions for businesses of all sizes that put ergonomics and comfort in the spotlight. From professional office chairs and footrests to standing desks and soft mats that reduce pressure while standing, all of these elements can boost the comfort and productivity of workers. They can also reduce the number of sick leave days and offer a better overall office vibe. Additionally, getting informed about proper work habits (taking frequent breaks, setting the right chair height, resting your eyes and other tips) can also help reduce fatigue and improve productivity.

Get organized

A disorganized space can never provide workers with an optimal work environment. Clutter induces too much distraction and can cause a lot of stress, frustration and time waste. It also reduces the overall comfort, both for the workers and their potential clients and visitors. The first thing you can do to improve productivity is to remove clutter from the desk. Keep only the items that are essential and reserve the shelves for decoration and cabinets for documents and archived files. Employ label makers for better organization and buy plenty of binders and sorting trays. Organization of the virtual workspace is important, too. Make sure to implement a good filing strategy and regularly delete outdated documents and emails. All of these organizational techniques will allow you to focus on the task at hand and not waste your time digging through piles of clutter.


Reduce the noise

Some people are very sensitive to noise and it poses a great distraction for them. So, if you’re one of them, make sure to install good noise insulation into your workspace that will provide you with a more peaceful environment. Acoustic panels are a great addition to every office, and when they are combined with noise canceling headphones, they can provide a distraction-free work environment that will boost productivity and reduce stress. Noise canceling headphones will also let you play your favorite music for focus, which can help you concentrate and fire up your creativity.

To sum up, these design elements can improve both the physical and mental productivity of workers. They will provide the employees with a comfortable workspace that makes them happy to step into their offices!