Do you think more about how to grow in your career, than how to grow in your life?
 Do you think more about how to grow as a professional, than how to grow as a person?

For me this has to go hand in hand. 
This is not completely separated in today’s world.

Therefore I have never felt right about the discussion of work-life balance. 
That you should not bring your work home. And that you should not bring your life to work.

Being alive, being a person at work requires you to bring yourself and your life to work. 
You also know that leaving work at work may not be an option.

Grow in Career and Life — at the same time

Therefore, I´m more in favor of finding ways to integrate those two things. Career and life. In a way that is a win-win for everybody. That includes finding ways to grow in career and life at the same time.
 You should not have to pay for success in one area of your life with success in other areas of your life. Success at work should not be at the cost of your success in your relationships or health.

6 Ways for You to Grow in Career and Life

Please check out these 6 opportunities or ideas. Feel free to share some more in the comments section.

1. To Grow in You Career
 What are your ideas for your career? 
 Do you want to be a business owner, an entrepreneur, a freelancer or work someone else? 
 The world and the future of work is changing. 
 Have you given this question about your career a thought lately? And maybe updated your ideas on what is possible? Don´t stay stuck in some old ideas and remember that your career is not a straight line. You can take all kinds of U-turns and go back and forth from being an employee and a freelancer. You can even mix it up at any one time.

2. To Grow in Your Community
One of the things that can have impact on how you advance in your career are your connections. Look at your network and communities. Are you a member of some professional associations? What are you bringing and sharing there? Could you prepare and give some presentations. Volunteer to be a mentor.

Maybe do some volunteering in your community. That will strengthen some skills that could help in your career. And build new connections at the same time.

3. To Grow in Your Environment
Here you have a great chance to lead by example. Whether thinking about the environment in bigger context, shopping green, reducing, recycling and reusing. Or thinking in closer terms and taking full responsibility for your own environment. Both at work and at home. Setting it up in a way that suits you best, helps you feel good and be and do your best. Make sure your environment fulfills what you need to do great work. To read. To meditate.

Or supporting whatever kind of Success you are having.

4. To Grow in Your Finances
 Using your finances to grow in career and life is great.

To grow in your career, you must invest in yourself. Take certain amount every month and invest in your development. It can be books, webinars, conferences, networking, equipment, your appearance etc. Handling your finances well can help you to grow in your life. Make sure to live within your means. Have a savings account. Savings account can help with the unexpected and also to maintain your independence. Use your money as an energy, to help you with creating memories. Use your money to travel, to get to know new things, to help others.

What a great way to grow as a person.

5. To Grow in Your Health
Building a strong career is a marathon. And for marathon you need resilience and endurance. This requires you to take good care of your health. To stay fit, physically and mentally. To maintain good physical health you might want to do running. Biking or hiking. Weight lifting or sea-swimming. Do yoga or go dancing. To maintain good mental health you may want to do some reading or writing. Attend classes. Be in a mastermind group. Or train your brain on Lumosity.

6. To Grow in Your Relationships
 As a human being you have need for interactions with others.
 So when growing in your career and life. When working on your health. It will be more fun and rewarding to have good relationships with others. Whether a spouse, a parent, a child, a coworker, a neighbor or others.
 Working on your own development with others will thus have a double effect. You growing and with stronger relationships.

Originally published at on November 1, 2016.

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