Are we aware of what we’re saying to ourself?

How do we become more aware of the voice within?

Reflecting and listening to my OWN voice has been a great gift — to slow down and be mindful of my inner voices. Often at times, these voices can be so hidden and harsh that it takes another person to make me realize that I need to be kinder to myself. It’s definitely a work in progress. As someone once said to me, ‘The first step is to just catch the voices…to just be aware.” That’s it.

As I started noticing my inner voices, I became aware of how much pressure I put on myself. I started hearing myself more. “There is not enough time for X and not enough time for Y.” When I tell myself that there isn’t enough time, it creates more stress and pressure for me to make things happen and control the outcome.

When I want to control, I am reminded by this sentiment from Gabby Bernstein’s new book, Super Attractor — “It’s good to feel good.”

When I want things to happen on my timeline, I find my inner voice tough, harsh and critical. I am reminded of the things that I haven’t done and achieved, instead of the things that I have accomplished. I compare and feel sad because of the things that I want and do not have, rather than focus my energy on the gratitude for the things that I do have. It’s an energy that’s based on fear instead of love — via Gabby Bernstein.

Here are 6 ways that I’ve shifted my inner critic:

  1. When my inner voices remind me of things that are fearful, I remind myself that “All I need is within me now” via Tony Robbins. I say to my inner self, “Thank you for sharing.”
  2. When I am unsure about a solution, I take a break to let go of the energy of uncertainty and having answers and instead, focus my energy on something productive or something that brings me joy — ie. exercising and cooking.
  3. When I catch myself being a perfectionist, I ask myself, “What is one thing that I can do today?”
  4. When I catch myself being overly critical, I shift my thoughts to something that I’ve done well and/or accomplished.
  5. When I catch myself saying “I should of …” and “I have to…,” I change the focus to “I am grateful for..” and “I get to…”
  6. Remembering to celebrate the small wins. For me, this is a calendar reminder at the end of my week (that often gets ignored, to be honest – though the intention is there!).

There are so many times that I go back to my inner critic, though I have to keep reminding myself to catch my thoughts and start again. It’s like a baby learning to walk; the baby will try to crawl/walk, fall, get back up and try again.

It’s important to keep reminding myself that every day is a new day to begin again. I am doing the best that I can in every single moment. This takes the pressure off so I can remind myself that I am human; I will fail, pick myself back up again to keep moving forward.


  • Carolyn Lowe

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