Because of the worldwide pandemic, the year 2020 flipped the world upside-down and dramatically changed millions of lives. As a result of this, many people have been stressed as they had to adjust to massive changes in their lives. If you are one of the millions of people who is a victim of daily stress and anxiety, you might be preoccupied with keeping many aspects of your life together while not paying attention to your own mental and physical health. This is why you should prioritize self care in the year 2021. Here are six ways you can take personal care of yourself this year and build a better, more confident you.

1. Practicing Good Nutrition

One of the simplest ways of taking care of yourself is to remember to eat regularly and not to skip any meals. At the same time, not overeating is important as well, as is making sure you are getting a wide range of vitamins and nutrition from what you eat. Everyone has different health requirements, so if you need supplements, whether they be extra vitamin supplements or something as specific as a dermal repair complex, ensure that you have a pill planner to keep your pills organized so that you can take them as needed.

2. Exercising

Exercising at least 30 minutes a day is not just great for your physical health, but your mental health as well. Put aside some dedicated time to do your preferred workout everyday or every other day to keep your blood and oxygen flowing. This will keep you in good physical shape and will lift your mood and relieve stress as well. The best way to keep on track with your exercise is to choose a time of day that works best, such as 2 PM every day, for instance.

3. Meditating or Breathing Deeply

A good way of reducing stress is to stop and take a breather, literally. Take about five minutes to close your eyes, meditate, and breathe deeply. Doing so gets the oxygen flowing and calms your mood, and is a great method of self care anytime you need a break.

4. Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

If you can, try to get about eight hours of sleep every night. This is a good number of hours to allow you to wake up rested and ready to take one the day. Try to set a specific time of night you want to sleep, and stay on that schedule. Make sure your bedroom is free of distractions and noise to ensure your sleep stays uninterrupted and restful.

5. Keeping up With Your Personal Hygiene

If you are overly stressed or distracted, you might forget to take care of your personal hygiene. Try to shower or bathe every day, brush your teeth, and keep your hair and nails properly groomed. This has the dual benefit of making you look presentable when meeting with others as well as making yourself feel clean and confident. Even if you don’t plan on going anywhere, looking and dressing well keeps you in a positive state of mind all day long, as neglecting your hygiene leads to mental decline as well.

6. Looking Out for Yourself

Helping and caring for others is great to do. However, you also should not ignore your own needs and wants. If you are the type of person who tries to do everything you can for other people, make sure you are tending to your own needs and setting limits for yourself as well. Sometimes taking some time aside to take care of yourself is good for your wellbeing. If you do not feel comfortable doing something someone requests of you, do not feel obligated to please that person, as you are important, too.

Taking care of yourself should always be a priority. Take some time this year to practice these tips. By staying calm, healthy, and safe, you can better enjoy life.