With the New Year comes a refreshed sense of purpose. Why not put that ambition into a remote job search? Check out our six ways to prep for a job search in 2018. There’s no better time to start doing want you want then now. Start your January off with a bountiful job hunt.

1. Update Your Profile

If you’re going to be searching for remote jobs on the world’s leading platform for remote work (hey, that’s us!), then step one of a successful job search is updating your profile. Make sure to include any recent and relevant skills, past projects, and experience. Keeping your profile up-to-date is the most effective way to receive job matchings and recommendations.

2. Prepare a Sample Portfolio

No matter what field you work in, having a sample portfolio is never a bad idea. A portfolio should include sample projects you have worked on, along with any important stats or achievements of said projects. Be sure to curate your portfolio so that it demonstrates the range of your abilities. You’ll also want to be sure to only include your best work. A portfolio is your opportunity to impress your employer and show off your versatility, so don’t hold back!

3. Make a Professional Website

Considering that the internet is used by just about every hiring manager these days, having a website can be useful for any modern day professional. Your sample portfolio is a great thing to include on your professional website, as well as any additional project photos, notes, or details from past employment.

4. Clean Up Your Social Media

You might not think to consider your social media accounts as you prepare to apply to remote jobs in the new year, but taking some time to clean them up before sending in applications is a smart move. Potential employers will often look up candidates’ social media accounts to get a sense of their personality and level of professionalism. Need some tips on what’s appropriate to post on your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram? Find out here.

5. Decide What You’re Looking For

Be sure that you know exactly what kind of position you’re looking for before you start applying to remote jobs. Fortunately, the remote job market is extremely versatile, including full-time, part-time, and contract work. Knowing specifically what kind of work you want to do, how much you want to work, and how much you want to be paid for it are all important criteria when considering what positions to apply for. Remember, what you’re looking for is just as significant as what an employer is looking for.

6. Research the Companies

Finally, take some time to research the companies that you will be applying to before submitting an application. In doing this you not only inform yourself about the company, but you also get a better feel for the type of employees that they are looking to hire. On Remote.com, we offer company stats, including time zones and the company’s percentage of remote workers for your convenience.

Originally written by Chelsey Grasso on Remote.com


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