Traveling… It’s the most common for active and emerging business owners and managers. Yet traveling burnout remains daunting and hard to tame over the years.

On a larger scale, if not given enough attention, travel burnout can immensely affect one’s performance, focus, and socialization skills; which is extremely important if you are traveling to important business conferences and annual events like Leadscon and SaaStr Annual.

Below are the six most effective but simple ways to prevent travel burnout. Even though these tips are meant for traveling businessmen or company managers to keep their laser focus attention for details when attending conferences interstate or abroad, please note that this is applicable for all travelers regardless of the purpose. 

1. Enjoy something so familiar from home

Try to find something familiar from home. Like your favorite fast-food chain, your favorite coffee, or your preferred burger. This is extremely simple but effective because it will boost your sense of being one with the new place right away.

If you’ve been traveling to the same place repeatedly, find a refuge place where you can be at ease for a few hours like it’s home. It could be a restaurant, a cafe or a specific bench in the park.

2. Get a massage and take a nap

Touch doesn’t only relaxes your muscles but also calms your soul. Getting a massage after a long flight or trip is a good way to inject relaxation into your hectic schedule. Best if you can gift yourself with a quick nap before getting into action.

A gentle massage and a rejuvenating nap will recenter your focus on the objectives of the business trip. The nap will make sure you have a relaxed mind to analyze and be alert to small details throughout the day.

3. Treat yourself to a mini Bizcation

Though it’s not normal for emerging business owners to have so much time on their hands for a mini business vacation, inserting it on the itinerary will greatly improve the entire mood of the trip.

It’s doesn’t have to be like a full vacation day but shorter. Simple things like booking a hotel near the beach, museums, food streets, or in the heart of the city will transform your daily walks into a vacation-like ambiance. Get away from the hotels near the event. Stay somewhere you can’t see a trace of work if the event lights go out.

Tip! Book an Airbnb if you can find an awesome place there.

4. Plan a quick break

After a good long day of networking and enjoying doing business, having a quick break is important. It is to release the business fatigue before going back to your hotel by the beach or to your cozy Airbnb.

Plan a quick workout, a drop by the cinema house, a quick beer or just a slow walk downtown. Taking a quick break cools down your business thoughts and gives way for a relaxing rest.

5. Be imperfect for a while

You have to let go of being perfect in everything in your business travel. Accept and expect flaws along the way. Don’t be easily irritated with simple mistakes and missed schedules as long as they don’t affect your goal immensely.

Accept traveling challenges along the way. Always remember that working your way around things further sharpens your tact in doing business.

6. Connect with your special inspirations

Connecting with your loved ones will get your inspiring mood up to the challenges of a business trip. It will also remind you of why you are doing this and why your success matters most.

Your loved one’s familiar voices and smiles can lift your spirit and give you encouragement like no other. Also, knowing that they are safe and thinking about you gives a different kind of fuel for you to be your best.

Preventing travel burnout doesn’t have to be expensive and hard. All given tips are simple, doable and most of them are free. We often forget the simple things by trying to make things more complicated. What we don’t see is almost all that we need are just in front of us.