By Amy Elisa Jackson

Today’s candidates are mobile-savvy and tech-empowered.

Over three-quarters of Americans now own a smartphone, according to a Pew Research Center survey. Moreover, people are almost constantly on their mobile devices. Research from Deloitte found that 50 percent of people check their smartphones at least 25 times per day and that roughly 10 percent of people check their smartphones more than 100 times per day. In addition to connecting on Facebook and chatting with friends, the phone has become an integral part of the job search process. From applying to jobs to interviewing and negotiating via an app, the smartphone has become a job seeker’s — and a recruiter’s — best friend.

“The life of an applicant can and has dramatically changed as of late, thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones and the increased comfort of chat as a communication standard,” says Ankit Somani, co-founder of AllyO, a provider of AI recruiting technology.

Given recruiters’ urgency to hire and the ease of communication with smartphones, it’s imperative for job seekers to know how to use their devices to find a job that fits their lives. Here are six ways to use your phone to land your dream job:

1. Research How Much You Could Earn with Know Your Worth

The first step to landing an amazing job is to be as well-researched and informed as you can be. Of course, that applies to understanding the company and job you are applying for, but that also matters when it comes to salary. Use the “Know Your Worth” tool to reveal how your market value has trended over time; how your market value compares to typical workers in the same field; and also plot your current base pay.

This will allow you to search for roles using the fast and easy-to-use job search filters, plus on Glassdoor you can see company salaries, reviews and other information right from a job listing.

2. Store Resume, Cover Letter, References and Portfolio on Dropbox

When job searching, it’s key to be ready at any time to apply on-the-go. One of the tools I use to personally do this is keeping a Dropbox folder to store my resumes, cover letters, references and links to key documents. Personally, I titled my folder “Job Search” but whatever you call it, it’s key to have your important job search docs accessible from your phone. Download the Dropbox app to have your docs synced across all devices from your laptop to tablet to desktop so that you’ll be ready to apply the moment a job pops up.

3. Easy Apply on Glassdoor

Job hunting has never been so transparent, easy, and efficient. When you’re sitting in a coffee shop, on the evening commute home or even a the grocery store, don’t miss out on the millions of jobs from thousands of websites that represent your next big opportunity. Glassdoor’s Easy Apply option shows you jobs that can be applied to with the click of a button. Upload your resume in advance, and simply enter your contact information, then apply in seconds.

The Glassdoor Job Search app gives you all the tools you need in your arsenal to be the best job hunter out there.

4. Get Screened by Recruiters via Canvas

After applying for a job, don’t be surprised if recruiters follow up with you via text message. A growing number of hiring managers are using text-based screenings as a way to recruit talent. One of the leading text-based interviewing platforms is Canvas which allows recruiters to screen up to 10x the candidates per day and determine whether you’re a fit faster. Fortune 500 companies and startups alike are using the platform to hire and show candidates everything from job descriptions, pictures, culture videos and even helpful links before coming in for an in-person interview.

5. Interview with Recruiters & Ask Pressing Questions via TextRecruit

Using AI and machine learning, TextRecruit allows recruiters to personalize text messages to multiple candidates at once and reach them faster than ever. Plus you can ask questions to the recruiter around job description, hours per week, qualifications and skills required.

Plus, recruiters use the platform’s TextHR portal to get onboarding paperwork done, convey onboarding instructions and schedule start days.

6. Experience a fast-tracked job application experience thanks to AllyO

Use the power of AI and texting to apply to and explore job opportunities. “When applicants encounter job posts on online job boards for companies that use AllyO’s technology, they are encouraged to apply to the position by simply texting a number or starting a chat on the company website,” says Somani. “Within a few minutes of an immersive and entirely automated conversation, AllyO helps applicants find the right job that fits their needs and abilities; screens them specifically for that role; assesses their skills via text, video and/or audio assessments; then immediately schedules them for the next available interview. AllyO’s technology remains available 24/7 for any open-ended questions, while also continuing to guide applicants through the hiring process. This unique, end-to-end experience — available at applicant’s fingertips — is making recruiting more accessible and user-friendly than ever before.”

Let’s face it: job searching via mobile is the future. Whether it’s researching a job opportunity or being recruited by a company, your smartphone can be the key to your next big job. Download the apps we’ve mentioned and swipe right on your future career opportunity!

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