6 Ways Twitter Can Help You Live The Life Of Your Dreams...

6 Ways Twitter Can Help You Live The Life Of Your Dreams…

Twitter has been called a bunch of nasty things but at the end of the day, it can be a tool to live the life you’ve always wanted. I sat down with a friend, Michael Paik to ask him how he’s crushing it on twitter and using it to live the life of his dreams, and I didn’t want to keep them secret.

So without further ado, here are the 6 steps to take with twitter to live the life of your dreams…

  1. Start a new account
  2. Pick a Niche
  3. Start following and engaging in that niche
  4. Use the DM feature
  5. Put a CTA in Your Bio
  6. Be Consistent

By following these 6 steps Michael has grown a following of almost 10k people in the last 6 months and had his tweets seen by over 22 Million people…

1. Start a New Account

This is as easy as it sound… just start a new account and name it something related to the next step, so maybe they’re out of order? But let’s just roll with it!

2. Pick a Niche

What are you an expert at? How can you help serve the world by spreading your knowledge? In all the hours you’ve spent on earth… I’m sure that you have gathered experience and expertise in something… Choose what you’re going to talk about and what you could talk for hours about. Look for something that’s not too saturated if possible and JUMP!!!

3. Start Following Accounts and Engaging in That Niche

The fastest way to grow is to go make yourself known… How do you do this? By retweeting, posting in threads, and overall being active. You can’t grow your social media without being social… So go out and show the world who you are from your heart and soul. Be passionate and demonstrate expertise in an unassuming way. Be valuable to people who you are engaging with and friendly.

4. Use the DM Feature

This might be the most important part for increasing your network and being able to connect with “unattainable people.” We all have people we dream of hanging out with or talking to right? Well I’ve been able to hang out with gold medalists and my idols just by utilizing the DM feature! If you want to live the live of your dreams, you’ve got to have the guts to talk to the people who are already doing it! Use that DM feature to get to know the people you’ve always wanted to.

5. Put a CTA in Your Bio

The next part in this equation is to build your list and use it to put offers in front of your audience… After you start building your following and posting valuable information, people will come to understand you’re an expert. They’ll want more information and if you do it right, they’ll be willing to pay for it. Use a CTA(call to action) in your bio in order to build your email list or send people to a sales page for a product or service you offer, like coaching.

6. Be Consistent

When you’re consistent you see massive results. Although both Micheal and I have seen exponential growth it’s not with consistent effort and education… Micheal suggests posting about 4 times a day, 2 value posts and 2 that show your personality. In order to cultivate the audience and keep them entertained, make sure you split your posts between serious ones and ones that reflect more of your inner workings… People want to know who you are!

Overall Twitter can be used to live the life of your dreams if you put a little effort in and be yourself. Don’t try to be anyone else and provide value to the world in the ways you know you can! Try using these 6 steps on Twitter to live the live of your dreams.