“Some things may change,” said Wednesday, abruptly. “People, however… People stay the same.”

Neil Gaiman , American Gods

You could take offense to this statement or you could realize the secret that lies deep in this prophetic statement…

You can change, If you learn to win Wednesdays.

Let me explain a little.

Wednesday has never been that special of a day. It’s kind of a forgotten day among the memorable ones. You know, like the Dreaded Monday or the Hallelujah Friday, it’s hard to compete with such emotions. It has become that day that we just have to get through; a means to an end.

The Hump Day. Blah.

What if we reverse engineered how we perceive our week? Could it become significantly better?

Instead of living for Friday or the weekend, I would suggest to live for Wednesday.

Here’s why!

I don’t know about you, but if you voted on your favorite days of the week, most would say Friday and Saturday maybe Sunday, for very obvious reasons.

We are holding out for the pleasure that the weekend brings.

The freedom we feel, right?

If we would just focus on Wednesday though, we would be living our freedom every day, instead of zombieing until the weekend. Ironically, the weekend is often spent chasing pleasure not real happiness.

We try to fill it with things that will help us forget the week days. Real happiness is you pursuing your dreams, accomplishing goals, growing, and becoming great every day.

Even the name is derived from aspects of productive work.

* Wednesday was named after the God, Mercury, which is a major Roman god, being one of the Dii Consentes within the ancient Roman pantheon. He is the patron god of financial gain, commerce, eloquence, and travel.

We tend to find our passion on the weekends. When it could be happening everyday.

What if you could be feeling passionate about life throughout the week, and Wednesday was a point of speeding up?

I do all my following ups, goal setting and dreaming on Wednesday.

I find this day to be full of clarity and inspiration. It aligns me more than most days. It is the best work day by far to motivate me and keep me on track. It keeps me accountable, and the key is to have an action buddy, more on this later.

On the other hand, if you pick Monday to follow up on all of your loose ends it’s too easy to forget over the weekend and get overwhelmed when you find yourself staring face-to-face with the beast you left alone over the weekend. And you never seem to have that miraculous motivation you always think you will have come the new week.

Conversely, what would happen if you have goal setting sessions and follow-up meetings on Wednesday?

First off, it gives you something to break up the mundane in the middle of the week. It will get your blood pumping just enough to get you through to the weekend!

And as an added bonus, when Monday comes around, you don’t have to jump into a race that you are already miles behind. You can get your warmup in and get ready for the big day in the middle of the week, thus freeing you up to enjoy your weekend that much more; guilt free.

5 Ways To Win Wednesday

1. Get An “Action Buddy”

My brother and I do this, recently he said to me, “As I’m talking right now, what I need to do seems so clear. I just need to do it.”

There is power in clarity and motivation when you vocally commit to goal with another. When you talk out your problems and goals to achieve them, you force your mind to talk them out as if they will be accomplished.

This is very different inside your mind, where you have voices pulling you in different direction, leaving you uncertain about the direction at times.

It becomes more and more clear as you talk because its not focused ‘this is going to happen talk’ instead of wondering and wishing it might happen on your own. Suddenly you realize how to break it down into daily tasks, so that you are working towards your goals each week. Getting at least one things done.

Happiness is found on the journey towards your dreams and goals, making progress and improvements bit by bit, day by day.

And it helps that you have at least one person that believes in you and will encourage you on throughout all the inevitable struggles during your journey.

Make this person your “action buddy”.

Make sure you are similarly yoked. That is to say, at similar stage commitment levels.

If you are at totally different places in your lives where one is much more disciplined than the other, you might find it ends up as a one-sided experiment.

2. Meet Every Week

Every Wednesday take an hour and dedicate it as a ritual to meet up or call your action buddy, preferably in person. Having to look into someone’s eyes adds more accountability. Skype or Facetime might be a good back up.

Share your ultimate vision for the very first meeting and then focus on at least one thing you will accomplish each week. Follow up with them and report each week.

Chatting about what you’ve learned as you take action inspires and uplifts.

The progress becomes the pursuit. The journey becomes the focus.

If possible, you can also morph it into a group situation. A mastermind collective that can get together and mutually uplift each other.

This adds even more benefits like networking and multiple perspectives. But it also adds more time, so start small at first.

3. Keep Commitments With Your Action Buddy

The key to staying accountable is the mutual give and take. Just as you must keep your commitments, you must keep your buddy accountable too. Make sure you don’t let them off the hook. Never say, “That’s ok you had a busy week don’t worry about it.”

Do NOT Let Them Off The Hook!

If you have to, get a little “disappointed”. That always works haha.

You are both there to help each other become their dream selves. That will take vigilance and maybe a little bit of tension here and there. But in the end, always encourage them that they can do it.

Share your success and that will help inspire them too. Remind them that it is all about the little things that you do daily. They will add up!

4. Call And Text During The Week

These quick updates and reminders, especially in the beginning while you are creating new habits, will help tremendously.

5. Journal It

Don’t forget to record and keep track of your progress. This will help you stay motivated throughout the week. When things seem down, you can see just how far you have come! More importantly write your learnings, your feelings, and your yearnings.

Trust me, this will help.

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

Ernest Hemingway

This is going to get vulnerable, it will be exciting, but it’s going to be also scary. It is about making your life real, which takes a deep honesty of who you want to become and committing to it.

Fill the pages with your soul, fill your your life with action, share and inspire each other along the way.


The real way to win the week is to make progress towards your goals, step by step. By winning Wednesday, your new follow up day, you will see a drastic change in a short period of time.

Self-confidence will increase.

Faith in your skills and abilities will increase.

Clarity of purpose will increase.

You will start creating your future.

You will start becoming who you were destined to be!

Use this as a rocket launch pad! Create Wednesday as a platform you can blast off from each week, and the weekends will become more sweet and your week days will be revolutionized.

Take action!

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