If you are going through a hard time and not able to focus well on your work life, these 35 tips will help you get through deficient mood and will motivate you from the core.

1. Exercise must be a part of your morning routine. Start exercising and you will feel a new energy within

2. Write down your goals on a paper and focus on them

3. Before you sleep, visualize yourself achieving your goals

4. Start your day by doing the thing that is most important to you

5. Try doing something new daily, this makes you aware of the things you can be good at

6. Take a walk in the park to bring in fresh vibes to your mind

7. Don’t play with your sleep routine, try to take at least 7 hours of good night sleep daily.

8. Keep patience and perform tasks step by step, instead of going all-in in hope of quick success

9. Play energizing music to keep you motivated. Just put on your headphones and listen to your favorite inspirational tracks

10. Start your day by drinking a cup of chilled water. Scientifically, a cup of chilled water can help in improving EQ

11. Drink a cup of coffee for quick kick

12. Design a reward system to give yourself a reason to move forward

13. Do not do a similar task for multiple hours, that will make your bored and will decrease productivity

14. Avoid taking hot shower as much as possible, instead, go for a lump of cold shower

15. keep pushing yourself out of the comfort zone. Realizing that doing extraordinary things take extra efforts.

16. Read as much as possible. Look what successful people read in the morning

17. Set a deadline for a task, but make sure its practical. Hypothetical deadlines won’t take you anywhere

18. When you are tired take rests, if you will not take rest, you will probably end up taking wrong decisions

19. Eat right and give the first priority to your health

20. Let go of anything that scares you by doing it again and again

21. Do not get jealous with where your friends are, instead work hard to surpass them

22. Look for the positive things even in the worst situations.

23. Motivate other, it will encourage you as well, remember what goes around comes around.

24. Listen or read about the people who inspire you. if you are an entrepreneur, you must follow Gary Vaynerchuk.

25. Listen to motivational stories on Ted talks and other popular shows.

26. Add motivation quotes all around, they do have a very positive effect on your mindset.

27. Remember, nothing worthwhile comes easy

28. Remember, if it would have been easy, everyone would have done it

29. Keep listening to inspirational podcasts when you are working.

30. Set a plan for each and everything, and make sure to anticipate the worst situations and keep a solution ready for it.

31. Write down the things you are thankful for, and remember, if you did that, you can possibly do anything.

32. Have realistic goals. Know how far you can go in specific time.

33. Focus on doing one thing at a time. Despite the fact that you can do anything, avoid multi-tasking at any cost.

34. Stay surrounded by people who motivate you.

35. Do not worry if people do not believe in you, until the time you believe in yourself, you are good.