By Jane Burnett 

New data from BELFOR Property Restoration shows that 60% of American homeowners don’t have “a disaster preparedness plan.” Additionally, 47% say they haven’t done so because it hasn’t crossed their minds before.

The site reports that this research was carried out for National Preparedness Month.

But these results are especially alarming, given what ongoing, major storm Hurricane Florence has already done in North Carolina so far:

From earlier this week:

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently announced that the company will be giving $1 million in relief money to the American Red Cross to aid people impacted by the natural disaster, but luckily, there are also ways that you can help.

What Americans know about getting ready for emergencies

Zeroing in on BELFOR’s research again, the numbers show that two-thirds of people surveyed think “that they are not prepared for disaster.”

These are the “natural or man-made” emergencies that Americans claim to be worried about the most:

  • “Tornadoes:” 25%
  • “Other:” 21%
  • “Fires:” 20%
  • “Power Outages:” 19%
  • “Flooding:” 8%
  • “Hurricanes:” 7%

Tornadoes seem to be a major source of worry among Americans who own a home.

“It was shocking to find the results of BELFOR’s disaster preparedness survey showed U.S. homeowners are lacking the resources and awareness to prepare their homes, businesses and families for devastating situations,” he said.

But while 45% of those surveyed said they were unaware of what “they should have on-hand” during “an emergency,” those who actually knew said that “food, water and flashlights” were the three most important goods to have around.

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