Monday, October 8th, 2018, Essence presented legendary Angela Bassett during this intimate evening in Saban Theatre at the heart of Beverly Hills. Would you wonder how Angela keeps getting better as she ages? Most people think when you turn 40 in Hollywood, everything fades away but Angela Bassett just turned 60 and she is getting better and better being on high demand with unlimited success in 2018 with Black Panther, Mission Impossible, FOX’s 911 Drama as Executive Producer & lead actress and more more.  Here’s the formula she previously shared on an interview for Mission Impossible

1.    NUTRITION IS  A MUST: Olive Oil & Almonds
2.    WORKOUT: (Invest in yourself by hiring a personal trainer and be accountable)
3.  Angela prefers  MASSAGE over Yoga.

Angela Bassett over the years keeps getting better and better. 

She was able to vividly and genuinely shared from her ups and downs in Hollywood since her early beginnings to her latest exclusive scenes from FOX’s drama 9–1-1. The event culminated with a lifetime achievement award by Essence and Angela inspired the audience with the classic Wakanda Forever salute

Angela Bassett as Ramona in Black Panther

Angela Bassett is a 60-year old beauty and she is aging just fine. 


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