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Employees with jobs are now more at risk than ever before with the growing list of problems faced by employees at work and the challenges facing workers today.  Job security is now a thing of the past.  

One key response to this is for employees to mind their own business, future-proof their jobs, and secure their future income streams from potential shocks of organizational restructures, poor health, technology innovation, economic uncertainties, and poor management.

The other way is to love your current job as you prepare yourself for the future of work.  There are 75 Ways to love your work (and be actively engage in your job without hating it!).

There are many reasons why employees must immediately take control of their financial independence and be the pilots of their lives.

Parents with teenage children can also use the information in Shocking Secrets Every Worker Needs to Know to guide their children in choosing the right careers and jobs.

The list of 62 challenges workers face are:

1. Living in times of low productivity growth
2. A significant impact of an aging population
3. The workforce is shrinking—except for 55-plus workers
4. Unemployment lasts longer for employees
5. Social Security and pension funds are running out of money
6. Organizational restructures disadvantage workers
7. Age discrimination occurs in workplaces
8. Employees don’t function well over time
9. Employees struggle to find full-time employment
10. Technology is changing employees’ jobs
11. Technology is causing wage stagnation
12. Technology is eliminating full-time jobs
13. Many jobs have an uncertain future
14. Employees are converted into contractors
15. Employees are disadvantaged by minimum wage
16. Employees constantly experience income volatility
17. Employees suffer from outdated education systems
18. Employees will fail within 18 months of a new job
19. Employees don’t have relevant work skills
20. Employees are not getting trained for the job
21. The half-life of a learned skill is 5 years
22. Employees’ jobs have use-by dates
23. Employees are not working in their field of study
24. Employees are not valued at work
25. Employees are lonely at work
26. Employees are unhappy, disengaged
27. Employees are impacted by office politics
28. Employees are bullied at work
29. Employees are working longer hours
30. Employees are emotionally over-committed by work
31. Work stress increases sickness and poor health
32. Employees’ working environments are harmful
33. Employees are being spied on by their employers
34. Employees experience wage theft
35. Employees face discrimination and harassment
36. Employees are discriminated by automated screening
37. Employees are misguided by inaccurate job listings
38. Employees are discriminated during the hiring process
39. Former employers can sabotage employees’ job prospects
40. Employees are disadvantaged by performance reviews
41. Employees are treated unfairly
42. Employees have poor financial literacy
43. Employees are not accurately paid or on time
44. Employees are underpaid
45. Employees do not have enough money to retire on
46. Employees are trapped in the Rat Race of Life
47. Employees are not earning enough to make ends meet
48. Employees are stressed and worry about finances
49. Employees carry the burden of generating tax revenues
50. Unemployed employees become liabilities
51. Employees must keep working into their 70s
52. Healthcare cost increasing
53. Employees are not ready for retirement
54. Employees cannot retire on their own terms
55. Retiring early could kill you (particularly men)
56. Retiring female employees are disadvantaged
57. Welfare entitlements constantly change
58. Employees’ investments are underperforming
59. Employees’ retirement plans are at risk
60. Graduates struggle to find their first job
61. Graduates are debt-laden before working

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