There are many thrills involved in gambling and people who engage in those thrills do so online while some prefer to go old school and do it only at casinos. Playing at online Casinos has made the life of a lazy gambler very easy. It has also helped those in countries with no proximity to casinos or such an unimaginable joy. Say what you will, technology has an upside- it has brought together people from all the corners of the world together, all converging on Casino Dames enjoying their favourite slots and table games. Although there are several advantages of online gambling, there are the disadvantages to it too.

If you choose to gamble online, you don’t know what security measures have been put in place, whether you will receive your earnings in a day, 5 days or at the end of the month. There’s so much to it. Also, gambling online doesn’t really have that spirit of gambling i.e. the chiming of slot machines, the dealers bickering with players or the beautiful sound of a coin flow from a jackpot win. Below are some of the advantages of gambling at a casino.

1. Immediate wins

Gambling in a casino gives you the chance to earn almost immediately. You don’t have to wait for those pesky timelines we mentioned earlier plus you get your earnings in cash right away. Some online platforms pay out strictly through specific banks (some of which may not be available in your country) or cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. It is easy to feel like you want to access your winnings right away, but what happens when you come up against a barrier like a bank policy which doesn’t accept gambling money? It’s even worse for gamblers who live in countries where online gambling has been outlawed.

2. Easy to keep track of your winnings

At a casino, it is usually easier to see how much money you are winning and how much is going out. You can make double or triple your earnings from a bet by reading a bluff on a dealer’s face, observing which slots are the most played and more. Of course, you don’t need to act or look suspicious as this can get you removed from the premises. However, no one said anything about being smart and observant. Also, some casinos usually have an offer of the day that includes winning a free car for every triple 7 you get or something to that effect. This isn’t something you’d find on an online slot.

3. Spoilt for choice

If you are used to playing certain games on Casino Dames, it is easy to get sunk into a routine. You only play what you know and never venture into something new because you either don’t know how to play it or if it has any return/value to you. Being at a casino gives you an open experience to many different games. You get to see which crowds are playing poker, bingo, blackjack, etc. and you learn from them or get the confidence to try out too.

4. Meeting new faces

There are all kinds of people at a casino and you’ll do yourself a favour by choosing to put the tablet/iPad down tonight and venturing somewhere beyond your couch. If you go to the casino enough, you become a regular. The wait staff recognizes you, the security guys befriend you and even the dealer will save you your favourite seat. You can form friendships with other players too, and share the love of the game together. Just don’t plot to steal from the casino though.

5. Perfect form of relaxation

Do you have any distractions while online gambling? Of course, there are. Your kid could be screaming, your spouse could be nagging, the train could be noisy, etc. Being in a casino in the centre of the action could be the escape you need from reality. There are no clocks here, everyone is always happy and there isn’t a last call. You can stay here for as long as you want to and there’s free food and drinks too. It can be your special spot that no one knows about.

6. You get to learn new techniques

Now that you have made friends with other gamblers, it isn’t uncommon to find yourselves discussing the games during your breaks. You can end up sharing techniques with each other and also debunking others. It becomes a wonderful intellectual conversation that only punters with a serious love for the game would understand. Also, the knowledge passed on to you from other professional gamblers helps you to cultivate your own form of self-discipline. Imagine visiting Vegas during a Poker Series where some of the world’s best Poker players come to play? You’d leave the tournament full of newly acquired knowledge.

7. Casinos know how to take care of you

Casinos have their own strategies they put in place to make you stay which are quite manipulative, but they’re not all bad. For example, they don’t want you losing focus of your game (which is not something any punter would desire) so they ensure they provide you with drinks and food as per your requests. There are drinks and food flowing freely so if you’re hungry do not hesitate. As long as you know how to limit yourself, you should be good. Where else are you going to get this kind of VIP treatment?

After winning, they also extend their care by offering you free accommodation. You could end up in a presidential suite with chilled champagne or any other room that comes with a gorgeous view.

Do you prefer gambling at casinos? They hold a certain spirit and charm that you wouldn’t find with online gambling. What’s better than screaming with joy and having total strangers cheer you on with claps and screams as you win that jackpot on your favourite slot machine?