Over 200,000 people suffer from vehicle theft in the every year. With car theft at such astronomical levels, anything that you can do to prevent your vehicle being stolen is going to be an advantage, saving you both time, money and keeping the cost of your insurance premiums down. Vehicle tracking systems and car tracking system have become increasingly popular and can play a significant role in reducing car theft crime.

The advantage of vehicle tracking is that the movements of a car or van can be monitored in real-time, allowing the Police to respond to a stolen vehicle and reducing the recovery time significantly. This can mean a massive saving on expenses businesses face if their vehicles are taken, reducing the costs incurred by replacing stolen vehicles and minimizing the potential for damage as the recovery time is so much quicker. GPS devices are small and easy to fit and is usually powered using its own, independent battery or by running from the vehicle’s battery. The system has other components such as Google maps or other location software, which is also installed into the owner’s phone or PC. This enables vehicle owners or those involved in fleet management to access real-time information on specific vehicles or even a group of vehicles.

Now the question arises,

Which System Should You Opt For?

It can be hard to know what tracking system is best for you. As a recommendation if you are using tracking for yourself GPS car tracking may be best for you. If you are tracking employees or want more up to date information on your driving habits then look into purchasing telematics as this will give you more precise and detailed information. A car tracking system is a fantastic device that will provide the very best and accurate information about your driving habits.

Few best fleet tracking system to track your fleets:

7 Best Fleet Tracking System to Track Your Fleets: Ways GPS Can Help

Decide on your niche: Not all vehicle tracking businesses are created equal. There are different types of businesses that you can do. It will also vary based on the vehicles you have got. In fact, the first thing that you need to decide is on who would be your potential customers. Never do the mistake of thinking that everyone who needs a vehicle tracking device is your customer. This way your business would head nowhere. You should be focused on a target audience.

Decide on your product: What will your end product be? Do you want to sell GPS devices? Do you want to provide only installation services? Will your vehicle tracking software be capable of dealing with fleet management? All such questions need to be answered frankly before you start your business. The product that you are selling should be appealing to the customer. Otherwise they will be least bothered about your product offering and move on to the next product.

Search for the right software: What makes a GPS tracking system special is the software that is working inside. It is therefore important that you choose the right kind of software. A simple rule of the thumb is that the software should be able to scale along with your business. The best way to deal with GPS tracking software is to have a partnership with a reputable tachograph software company. They should be able to incorporate all the features that you want in your tracking system.

Get the right hardware: Now that you have dealt with the software, it is time that you also took a closer look at the hardware part. Remember, hardware is important, for the tracking device needs to be rugged and durable. You will need to spend a lot of time checking the quality of the hardware. The design of the device also should be such that it is easy to install. The customers should be able to install the device following a few simple instructions.


Telematics include the above benefits used in car tracking as well as the ability to discover and monitor driver behaviour. Data is collected and reported back regarding how each vehicle has been driven. This includes road speed reports, sudden acceleration, braking and what gear the driver was in at what point for example. This information can then be used to prevent unauthorized or out of hours use of your vehicle as well as organizing private mileage for expenses purposes and ensuring employee productivity is the best that it can be.

Telematics imply to a remote communication technology which blends informatics and telecommunication, this technology usually works to offer a variety of advantages such as driver analysis, quickest route, GPS tracking, navigation and automatic reports of emergency accidents. Uniting technology with valuable data is the core of telematics. Businesses with commercial means of transportation employ telematics for improved business management, degrading fuel consumption by improving driver routes and decreasing idle time.


In this current era, modern technology has come a long way. Nowadays, people always wish to have something that can make their life easier than before. They prefer to use apps that are convenient for their daily life and at the same time offer high functionality. When you get something like that for your cars, then you feel great. The advanced vehicle tracking companies can make your life smooth and easy. Whenever you think about tracking your vehicles, improving the performance of the drivers, saving some money on fuel cost, then you cannot have any other option but install the modern Vehicle Tracking app on your cars. This is the app that can offer you multiple solutions which are related to your vehicle.

When you have something that helps you to manage your business to your liking, then there is nothing better than that. The modern fleet tracking software can do this for you. You can monitor and manage all your vehicles at the same time with the help of this software. The software can be uploaded to your mobile devices, and you will receive the updates on the same from anywhere you may be.

It is because of this software you feel completely confident regarding your vehicle business. No matter how many cars you have; this app can help you to track them all. You have to install this software on every vehicle and get a detail report of the vehicle whenever it is on the road.

Start your business: Concentrate on getting your first customer. Once you are successful in doing that, then automatically your business is bound to grow. However, you need to be prepared to put in the hard work. Nothing comes easy in this world and you should be prepared to slog it out in the field.


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