Overcoming Labeling-opinions

Labels, more like the literal way of putting something in a box and naming it. The same case, with the societies, there is a particular way the community expects you to live.

The normal way. Overrating the norm. You couldn’t agree more with this statement. You have to find a way on how to overcome labeling. Because, once you go in contrary to what the society expects, you will get labelled for being you.

Labels can be the same as judging. You will get judged every other day. For things, you even don’t have control over. But, names are not going away any time soon.

So you have to find comfortable ways of getting by them. The following tips will help on how to overcome labeling as you keep on keeping on.

Be You

One thing for sure is that we all cannot be the same. Everyone is unique in their different ways. Your definition of a good time or what makes you happy may be different from another person. None the less, be you. Authentic.

You have to find ‘you’ by defining yourself on own your terms. Through this, you may even discover the strengths that you didn’t know you had. Be you as Oscar Wilde put it “Be you, everyone else is already taken.”

Identify the Cause for the Label

You are likely better than them. Beating them at their own game. When you try to follow on why you’ve earned the nerd label at the office. You may find out, maybe because you are good at your job. And that’s why they are hating on you and talking behind your back.

If you are not having any disputes with your boss or lecturer then you are good to go. Other people’s opinions do not matter. Often at times, people tend to be jealous of the people who are giving them a run for their money.

Deter from Falling Into Self-Pity

Labels can make you crawl into a corner and start feeling sorry for yourself. Self-pity is addictive. Because it gives moment pleasure and wishing away approach of issues at hand. The world always seems against you, and you feel stuck.

Like your back is always against the way. People’s opinions will not matter in days or years to come. No, they won’t matter. So, overcome labeling and give yourself a break because it will only make you feel worse.

Own Your Happiness as a Tip on How to Overcome Labeling

You are responsible for how you feel.  When you get labelled, you can choose how to react to negative comments. Act on them or ignore them.  You shouldn’t attach validation and attention to what other people say about you. 

It will feel right when you get good feelings from other people, but don’t let them get into your head. Apply the same when you get negative feelings, don’t let them get into your head as well.

Build Self Confidence

Self-confidence will help you a great deal in getting by. You can take on the world with more energy and determination. Which you will apply well even in the event you encounter an incidence of labeling

You will be able to develop a positive attitude, outlook and remain at your best even when under stress.  Self-confidence is a great tip on how to overcome labeling. Because it will help you develop a thick skin against the mean comments.

Learn to Let Go

Holding on to mean judgmental remarks will not make you feel any better. It will only hold you back and derail you even more. Decide to let go. It’s a conscious choice. People will always be keeping score and judging before knowing the whole story.

But, its liberating and empowering to see that you have an option to let go or hold on to the pain. Letting go is more liberating and more comfortable.

Grow Through the Pain

To avoid always lagging in your every day to day life, learn to grow with the pain. Or instead, accept the situation. Judgmental remarks most times comes from things you cannot change about yourself.

Such as being tall, very short, too slim. Learn to accept them. It is not going to be easy but sometimes the only way out is through the pain.

Final Thoughts

 A day or week will hardly go by without you facing judgmental remarks or labeling incidents. It is an unfair world. You will have to master the art on how to overcome labeling, you have to be a fighter.

You have to keep fighting by learning to let go, owning your happiness, deter from falling into self-pity, grow through the pain and be you. Focus on you. You are an excellent fit for yourself, and you will hit the home run.  You do not need another person’s opinion or validation.