Things take a turn in a way nobody has expected but somehow are coping up with the changes. Quarantine was a new word to learn for many and a new lifestyle for all. These times have made us realized how things might take a vulnerable turn, and we must always be prepared for unexpected. As the quarantine period stretches its legs, we have enough time to stay productive and keep ourselves engaged. It is the time which we have always wanted but never got, and we can do everything to make this time meaningful.

I know it is exhausting to stay home for a long period without getting to meet your friends, be able to go to the gym, or longing to enjoy the street food. Since we live in the 21st century and am sure if not completely satisfied, you might have taken out a virtual solution to get over this problem by now. From video calls to signing up for gym training online and trying out spicy street food dishes at home, you might have already made yourself a little comfortable by now.

Here are some more tips that can help you in making this quarantine period productive:

1. Read the book or series that you have always been putting off.

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? If not, I am sure you will be once you start binge-watching the whole series. Since it is a huge series with about eight seasons, some people already couldn’t hold on to it due to the busy schedule, but since you have got a lot of time, you can finally enjoy it. Like GOT, there are many new series, documentaries on various platforms like Netflix that are aligned for you to enjoy. The series from which you can learn a lot and might sit uptight while the thriller unleashes its charm. There might be a certain book that you might have started or wanted to start but did not get much time to stick to it. This is the time buddy, open that book, remove that page marker and start enjoying!

2. Learn new language

Today, being multilingual has caught up the hike as there are so many business opportunities for people who are comfortable in keeping up a conversation in a foreign language like mandarin Chinese, Spanish. Do you know out of 100 people in the world 5 people Speak Spanish?

You can easily learn new language. In quarantine you can hire an online Spanish tutor and get started with the language. The online classes help you to stay flexible and keep up with your pace as per your comforts. There are many people who are already enrolling on the online platforms and have been provided with satisfactory service. You can start with it too! Stay home, stay safe.

3. Keep a blog or Journal.

I know you might be surfing through the internet all day since the quarantine period has begun. What can be a better thing than putting your knowledge to better use? You can start updating a blog or Journal on the most trending and interesting topics which will not only help you share your thoughts and knowledge and expand your horizon but; also it will help other people learn about new things or know about a general point of view on a specific issue through you, on a platform. You can also keep up a journal with daily thoughts, which will help you gather your thoughts and stay focused on your professional life. Many experts suggest that people who jot down their thoughts regularly are more able to keep their personal and professional lives sorted.

4. Enroll in a free course.

There are hundreds of courses that are being updated daily, to which you can enroll and start learning about a new subject in depth. You need to enroll in a course related to your profession; you can enroll in a course that can help you stay in touch with your hobbies, like dancing or cooking classes. While enrolling in an academic course can help you in upgrading your skill set, you can find millions of courses that can interest you. Many universities have released online classes on various technologies, and you can register them for free. You can keep up with the assignments and submit the projects to gain a certification too.

5. Learn a new skill.

You can also nudge your brain by engaging it into some interesting tasks. Along with enrolling in a new course, you should start working towards learning a new skill, like Chess, or start practicing an instrument. You can start with anything that might need practice and focus to hold a grip as you will not get a better opportunity and time to do it any time later. This is the most inventive way of keeping yourself entertained through all the learning.

6. Set Up a Workout Routine.

The missing gym can affect your body in a worse way than you imagined. Since you were already used to daily work out, a sudden break might make you lethargic, and you may start gaining all those pounds that you had a lot of effort in losing. Instead of regretting the loss, you may start working towards it. Exercising is not only a good habit, but it is also very essential to stay healthy. Also, if your body is not going through stress while exercising, you are not doing it right. Start setting up a workout routine and stay punctual in keeping it up. You might be concerned about the gyming equipment and how would you exercise without them. You can surf through YouTube, and you will be surprised to see hundreds of video that teaches you to exercise without any equipment.

7. Meditate.

Since many people started realizing how powerful meditation is for a human being, many others are far from trying to meditate ever. This is the perfect time to start with the meditation. You can find a quiet place and light some candles and try to clear your mind from all the thoughts gathering your mind and try to concentrate. The aura offers great help in meditation if you are new to it.