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Podcasts are a hot topic today, and it’s easy to see why. They’re a fantastic way to consume information, especially during long commutes or while working out. However, podcasts have so much more to offer. They can inspire your entrepreneurial journey, maybe even make you slightly smarter. They’re also a powerful way to grow your revenue and gain exposure for your business. But are you using them to their full potential? We break down three of the best uses for podcasts to boost your success and expand your mind.

Here is a list of the top 7 podcast uses that will boost your mind and provide you inspiration for success. 

3 Ways Podcasting Can Increase Your Productivity To Success

  1. Podcasts as a Business Tool:  Podcasting is a golden lead magnet. Start by interviewing leaders in your niche, scheduling your podcast in advance, much like an appointment for a coffee or lunch meeting. The only difference is you will be recording the session—two birds one stone that will help you increase productivity by creating opportunities centered around dual purposes. Imagine if you were a real estate agent that interviews leading bankers and loan officers on a podcast. In return, the podcast will attract buyer agents, creating an ecosystem of three-way leads.
  2. Podcasts as a Marketing Tool: Quickly brainstorm on how you might use podcasting in your marketing strategy. Improved customer listening habits drive the podcasting industry’s rapid growth. Companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft record more podcasts than previously as listeners continue to desire content like news, interviews, discussions, and other brand-related collateral. A weekly podcast is a great way to engage with your customers and make them feel like part of your brand. To create the right kind of customer experience, brands should use podcast insights and advertising to capture attention and hear their customers’ thoughts about their products, services, and company.
  3. Podcasts as a Social Media Tool: True, audio podcasts are unique in that they also work as social media. However, company’s don’t have to attend a significant event or even buy an expensive ad to promote their brands via podcasts. Give listeners a call-to-action on their show and prompt them to interact directly with your product or service. Podcast listeners generally spend more time with the medium, listen in higher quantities, and are highly engaged. They are the perfect choice for brands that want to harness the power of social media. Brands need to recognize that podcasts are not only useful as a social strategy, and they’re not just a way to listen to podcasts anymore: they’re an excellent social media tool as well.

Takeaway: You can use podcasts in your business productivities in many ways, whether boosting productivity via creating leads, developing marketing strategies, and engaging a community of potential clients through a socially aware podcast. The best podcast fits your personality, industry, and goals and consistently delivers these results. Don’t wait anymore; try the three ways to boost productivity and find your success.

4 Ways Podcasting Can Improve Your Inspirational Mindset

  1. Podcasts As A Motivation Tool: As humans, we tend to strive in a pack mentality. Successful podcast feeds off this native instinct as podcast favors niche down content to a target audience. This audience is then becoming a tribe of individuals who strive on the podcast’s output as inspiration. The desired result is that the tribe becomes inspired and motivated to take action on what is learned through each episode. 
  2. Podcasts As A Delivery Tool: Think about it for a second; when you’re in the hospital, one of the fastest delivery mechanisms is an IV—picture podcasting as an IV drip full of caffeine. Honing in on your delivery skills means you can speak not only directly to your tribe but speak to the solutions of your target audience’s issues. Through this method, the heightened awareness of learning something is turned on and provides clear inspiration for their next steps. 
  3. Podcasts As A Visionary Tool: Pinterest is highly successful in delivering vision boards when you hit a roadblock and need a little bit of creative guidance. It’s a no-brainer to launch the app and type in a keyword; like “kitchen remodeling ideas.” Think of using podcasts the same way. For example, launch your podcast app of choice, go to the search box, and type in a keyword or phrase in your area of interest. Let’s say Bitcoin, or self-publishing, or Clubhouse. The rabbit hole of possibilities becomes fascinating as your vision stretches towards the content that presents itself.
  4. Podcasts As A Mindset Tool:  Podcasts are a powerful tool for self-improvement; they can help entrepreneurs grow their businesses exponentially by better understanding themselves and their industry. Using a podcast as a mindset self-correction tool to power through negative thoughts is a great resource. There is a podcast out there for your negative thinking or fearful internalization to counteract these thoughts with actionable takeaways.

Takeaway: Podcasts can be an effective way to improve your motivation and inspire you while also helping you hone your delivery skills and expand your vision. Even more importantly, a podcast is a crucial way to develop the boss mindset it takes to stay inspired and push forward with your achievements. Test out any of the four listed ways a podcast can improve your inspirational attitude and take action today.

In today’s world, people are constantly looking for something new. Podcasts can satisfy this insatiable thirst for new ideas. They’re not just a great way to learn about the latest developments in business but also excellent inspiration and conversation sources. Try viewing the use of podcasts a little bit differently and use the tool to Boost Your Success and Inspire Your Mind.