There seems to be an endless list of triggers at that can throw off our inner peace in the workplace. 

Long commutes. Ungrateful bosses. Co-workers not doing their part. Boring meetings that go on waaayyy longer than needed….(maybe you are stuck in one now).

What if there was a step by step, powerful process for you to feel PEACE more constantly, especially at work?

The first gem of a book that your future at work wants to put in your lap, (or on your e-book reader), is Miracles At Work by Emily Bennington. 

The recent publication of this book is incredible news for those of us who have tried to read the original, famously thick and blue covered A Course In Miracles (ACIM), but walked away from it. Digesting all that ACIM has to offer is a mammoth undertaking and often challenging to put into daily practice in most work environments. 

On the other hand, Emily’s engaging exercises and creative reflections included in her book will decrease your career stress, whether you’ve read the spiritual classic that she bases her principles from or not. 

Emily has not only performed a miracle herself in making the lessons of ACIM more accessible and relatable to today’s modern workforce, but she’s done it in less than 200 engaging pages! 

Each powerful chapter shows us how shifting to a miraculous mindset helps with an array of difficult situations we often face at work. Emily guides us on how to apply the lessons of ACIM to dealing with argumentative co-workers, fears of not hitting company goals, career path confusion and so much more. 

Bottomline: The number one benefit this book provides is summed up best by its bestselling, brilliant author,

“Think about what a difference in aura and energy you would carry to your job and how unmoved and unthreatened you would be by any chaos that surrounds you or circumstances that you can’t control.” 
-Emily Bennington

The second book that will make you wonder why-hasn’t-this-crossed-my-career-path-before is Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks. 

And if the book has been in your hands before, here is your sign that it’s time to pick up this game-changer again. 


But if you have never heard of the Teachings of Abraham, today will be one you remember for a long time. When I was first introduced to the Law of Attraction processes that Esther and Jerry Hicks have taught millions, I felt so much relief and gratitude beyond words. 

I have read and re-read the many processes of this book countless times yet on some days, I still forget to ASK. On others, I still struggle with ALLOWING (so that what I desire can be given to me). 

But every time I quiet my automatic programming or ego-minded thoughts and instead align with my highest vibration (which often involves doing one of the processes in this book), my days at work flow with ease again.  

On top of it, this edition has an introduction from the beloved Dr. Wayne Dyer, often referred to as the “Father of Motivation”. Wayne sums up the significance this book will have on your life at work and beyond when he notes, 

“You’re about to embark on a life-changing journey offered to you by two of the most authentic and spiritually pure people that I’ve ever encountered. They offer you no less than a blueprint for understanding and implementing your own destiny.” 
-Wayne Dyer

Your future at work has one last book it requests you put in cue and read as soon as possible–but only if feeling good on the job is one of your priorities this year. 

Did you know there is a way to feel more inner peace at work without having to leave YOUR office or bust out a yoga mat?

Since science has showed us how a detox of bad foods can reboot our bodies, imagine the inner upgrade you will experience when you plug into Dr. Lynn Chang’s new book, The 10 Day Career Cleanse.

“It’s not about finding meaningful work. It’s about creating meaningful work.” 
-Lynn Chang

It’s easy to fall into the trap that workplace wellness can’t be possible because we have an uncaring boss, the company we work for has a strapped budget, or there is already not enough time to do everything that is demanded of our position. 

But no matter if you work for someone else, for yourself, or caught somewhere in between, Lynn shows us how to attract more authentic peace into our daily grind. She also provides us with printables, links to videos, and insightful activities to make it happen. 

She even leaves room in the book for doodling (because taking ourselves too seriously at work only piles on the stress).

The best part is that The 10 Day Career Cleanse feels like a spa treatment for your spirit that will make your co-workers wonder how you got that glow.

Lynn has an impressive background of research into the sciences and years of experience as a successful counseling psychologist, but she keeps it real. She admits to being a “recovering control freak”. Her book offers quotes by other inspirations to remind us that utopia is not the goal nor should be. 

Lynn’s philosophy of  “rather than waiting for things to get better (Outer World), start enjoying your work now (Inner World)” shines through each divinely guided exercise she encourages the reader to do. She keeps things results-oriented with ways to track your progress in the book but also light with adorable illustrations, like fun-loving pandas doing yoga to “untech their neck”. 

I found myself being soothed by Lynn’s unique blend of intuitive and practical advice that feels like an affirming hug on every page. The author’s energizing, wise approach makes this book a special jewel that I will continue to recommend to clients that I coach.

By giving yourself a few minutes a day to complete Lynn’s Career Cleanse Program, don’t be surprised that in just over a week you’ll find yourself much more relaxed at work. 

I think we can all toast to that—

To feeling less career chaos and instead feeling more career zen!

I’d love to hear about the impact any of these three books makes on your career journey. I also invite you to explore more of my favorite resources and tips for attracting work that lights you up on my website or by following me on Instagram.