What are your personal values? This is a great question to guide you in making the best possible decisions for yourself. I recently read the book “Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins. My biggest takeaway is how crucial it is to identify your top values and rank them in order of priority. Then, for each value, create your own empowering rules to live by. Having these achievable feel-good values and rules in mind will help you cultivate a fulfilling lifestyle.

Here are my top 7 core values:


I experience love when I give and express love to others. I experience love when I allow myself to receive the type of love that I truly deserve. I treat my family, friends, and strangers with kindness and respect. I practice self-love on a daily basis.


I am healthy when I take care of myself mentally, emotionally, and physically. I am healthy when I workout and eat healthy foods regularly; feeling stronger and happier overall. I am healthy when I am in a clear state of mind full of positive energy.


I am having fun when I allow myself to relax and enjoy the process. I am having fun when I am comfortable being myself and can laugh at myself. I can have fun with good company as well as on my own.


I am growing when I decide to step outside of my comfort zone and create a change in my life. I am growing when I am open to exploring different possibilities and seizing the right opportunities. I am growing when I reflect on the lessons I’ve learned through all the mistakes, failures, and pain I’ve experienced.


I am free when I am true to myself unapologetically. I am free when I live life on my own terms which are aligned with my true values. I am free when I let go of expectations that weigh me down and trust my intuition instead. I am free from my past, negative self-talk, and external validation.


I experience passion when I am devoted to writing and storytelling. I experience passion through my travels and adventures across the globe. I experience passion when I tap into my curiosity with an open mind. I cultivate passion in everything I do…because life is more exciting when you live with passion.


I practice gratitude by discovering all the simple joys in life. I remind myself to cherish the people in my life, accept myself for who I am presently, and celebrate any progress I make each and everyday. For I am healthy, alive, and truly blessed (no matter how my days turns out to be).