remote work

How can you stay connected with your colleagues during this time? 

How can you build a human connection while everyone is working remotely?

This article will give you some answers.

In this article, you’ll find 7 creative ways to build a remote team culture and bring everyone together. 

1. Celebrate Birthdays

Have the guest of honor enter the virtual meeting a little later so everyone can sing “Happy birthday!” when they join.

Pop in fun backgrounds for a celebratory vibe. Share sweet birthday greetings and wishes to make the person feel extra special.

2. Recognize anniversaries

Share memorable work moments both serious and fun. Treat everyone to a friendly chuckle by remembering the good times. Pass around a virtual anniversary card and let everyone sign it with heartwarming messages.

3. Keep communication lines open

To stay connected, it is important each team member has the tools designated for a specific communication need. For instance, there is Slack for instant messages, Zoom for virtual meetings, and Figma for project collaboration and brainstorming.

4. Have meals together

Host a virtual lunch hour where everyone can log in and savor their meals together. For your colleagues living out the pandemic by themselves, it’s a good way to make them feel they’re not alone.

It’s no secret how food easily brings people together. Share recipes, kitchen hacks, and perhaps your latest cooking adventures and misadventures.

5. Recreate office coffee runs

Set a convenient time. No need for an agenda. Keep it casual and talk about anything under the sun. Here are some questions to get the ball rolling: “What made you smile this week?”, “What TV show are you currently watching?” or “What are you doing this weekend?”

6. Share heartwarming and fun discoveries

As everyone’s glued to the internet, it’s easy to lay a hand on something that inspires or elicits a giggle. Pass around memes, jokes, good news, the latest buzz on social media, and more.

7. Constantly check in on each other

See how everyone is doing. Schedule a team check-in at the start of every new week. Share experiences on how life is at home and what’s keeping everyone busy once work is done for the day.

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