Your CV is your ticket to a job interview. If it impresses a recruiter, he/she shortlist your CV and calls you for the job interview otherwise skips it and calls somebody else.

If you want to impress a recruiter with your CV, you need to make it impressive, and error-free.

How can you do it?

Read this blog.

This blog will discuss seven mistakes that people make and that steal the charm of their CVs. By avoiding these errors, you can make impressive CVs.

#1 Sending the same resume to every employer

This is the biggest mistake most job seekers make. You must prepare your CV considering the job and how you fit into it. If you make a CV and you send the same to every employer, many employers will find this difficult to discover if you are the right candidate for them or not, so they will ignore it.

#2 Making Big claims

Do not make any claims like “being the best marketing executive in the market.” Your false claims will create doubts in the mind of the recruiters regarding your credibility.

You sell your skills with the help of your CV, everybody knows it, but you should also know that fake commitments do not last long. So, be honest and talk what you are.

# 3 Adding unnecessary stuff to the resume

Many job applicants tell some additional information about themselves in their resume which is not necessary.

No need to do so. Instead, focus on your skills, experience, and your suitability for the job.

#4 Using stylish fonts

To give their resume, a captivating look, many job applicants use stylish fonts. Going for style is good, but the fonts must be easy to read as well.

Keep the readability into consideration. The more eye-soothing font you use on your resume, the more chances of the resume being picked up by the recruiter.

#5 Repeating the same words

Recurring the same words gives a negative indication of the person. It indicates that the job applicant lacks creativity and written communication skills.

#6 Not describing the gaps between the jobs

Many job applicants describe the jobs they did and are doing, and they do not talk about the gaps. This often creates confusion in the mind of the recruiters.

You must talk about the gaps. If you have one month’s gap between two jobs and you spent that time in searching for a better job opportunity, do not hide this. Mention it.

#7 Not checking the spellings

How would you feel if somebody sends you a CV that contains plenty of spelling mistakes?

For sure, a negative image of him/her will appear in your mind. The first idea that will strike into your mind would be that he/she is not serious about the job.

The same happens with recruiters when they see a CV having spelling errors in this case you can hire a cv writers who, do not make any spelling error in a resume. Check it twice before sending it to the recruiter.

Best of luck!