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Every day from now, copy the sentence of the day on a nice post-it. Practice it. See how things can be different. These seemingly small attentions make your day. Gain more joy by being mindful this Christmas.

18 December: Peace of mind comes by being present with my emotions

For five minutes today, be present with your feelings and emotions. Without reacting to them. I know I am in anger. I know I am sad. I know I am regretful. I know I am joyful… See how they come and go.

19 December: I am part of the Infinite

Choose a calm moment when you can be alone. Close your eyes for a few seconds. Breathe deeply. And imagine that you are part of all that is around you. Whether you like it or not. Feel the air going in and out of your body. Feel the water circulating in your veins. Know that at that instant, you are standing on this Earth. It is spinning around itself in an immense universe.

You are part of all. And without others, you cannot be you.

20 December: By breathing, I can reduce stress in all what I do

Activities are necessary. But there is a way to make less stress out of them. When starting whatever you are doing today, take a second. Pay attention to your breath. Breathe before you answer the phone. Breathe before you start cooking. Breathe before you answer your boss.

21 December: I am not here to fix anything

Mind when you have the intention to fix yourself and others. Note down. Do this three times during the day. Remind yourself, that you are here on Earth to enjoy and experience the greatness and challenges of this physical world. Take the most out of this experience.

Remember, nothing needs you to fix. The world is perfect in itself. And the diversity of ideas, thoughts, and beingness of yourself and others is of great value.

22 December: Resolve self-defeating unconscious habit patterns

Today, before going to bed, take 10 minutes in a quiet place. Write down on a piece of paper a thing that you wanted to realize recently.

Note on the left column the positive thoughts you brought to this goal. How you believed that it could be possible. How it was great when you thought you could succeed.

Note on the right column your self-defeating thoughts. Such as, you could never succeed because so many people have tried and failed. Or this person or things would never change…

95% of the mind is unconscious. Surprise yourself. How many self-defeating thoughts we can produce by ourselves unconsciously! Write down reasons that these thoughts are not founded. Resolve them.

23 December: Wherever your heart leads, follow.

A decision related to your work, your relationship, or any other? Listen to your heart today. Take one decision for the whole day and night. See how you feel. If you are satisfied, keep it. If your heart tells you something else, follow your heart. See how satisfying and easy it is to make a decision.

24 December: Being ourselves is what our beloved really want from us

We often think wrongly that others want us to be something else. We try hard to meet the expectations we think they have about us. However, try today to be truly who you are. For example, take time to do a hobby. Realize something you are really good at. This might have been ignored. Either because you don’t have time for yourself. Or you don’t think yourself is important. See how others are inspired.

Try this “Special mindfulness Advent Calendar” today! These are easy things to do and do not take time. Be aware of your emotions. Feel that you are part of all. Let go of the wish to “fixe the world’. Resolve self-defeating unconscious thoughts. Follow your heart. And be yourself. Each day, practice one thing. And prepare yourself for a joyful and healing year-end!

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