Do you love the open road? Would your perfect job be something you could do from a beach in Mexico or the mountains of central Asia? Then you’ve got your work cut out for you, because not every job will allow you to live that way.

The good news is that things are changing. There are more jobs now than ever before. Largely, this is because it’s possible to work online. The gig economy – though it might not be great for job security – has been a real boon for those of us who love to travel.

So, what are the best jobs you can do on the road?

Freelance writing

I travel as I work. Have done for four years now. From different continents, countries and landscapes words have spilled from my finger tips to satisfy the needs of clients situated thousands of miles away.

The advantage of writing as you travel is that you don’t need much more than a laptop and a decent internet connection. This means you can travel light and go far. In this way, it’s better than – say – photography, which is of course a great activity while you travel but requires all sorts of expensive camera equipment which can break, be lost or can get stolen.

Do note, there is a glut of writers in the market right now. It can take a long time to climb the hierarchy to where you’re making decent bucks. This means that you’ll be on a budget as you go. At the same time, there is no better place to be on a budget than in cheap countries.

Work on a cruise ship

Totally different but still a great way to see the world. If you work on a cruise ship you’re automatically taken to new places to see new things. You can either stay on board for a long time to see the world and make some money, or you can just do several month stints.

Do note, a lot of cruise ship jobs don’t pay all that well. On the other hand, you do get room and board included and if you’re careful you can make sure you don’t actually spend a great deal of money as you move around. Then, when you’re ready to jump off in the port of your choice, you’ll have a nice bit squirreled away.

People who choose to work on ships may find themselves without the conditions to work on other things.

Graphic Designer

Similar to the writing thing mentioned above, graphic design is a great way to make ends meet. If you know your way around the different photo and graphic software packages and have a portfolio to prove it, you can go see the world and make pretty pictures from all her corners.

Just like the writing thing outlined above, you can make good money this way. There is one slight drawback to being a graphic designer, though, and that’s that your files are a lot bigger. That can be a problem is some poor countries – as I’ve seen as friends have had to run from Wi-Fi spot to Wi-Fi spot in the hope of finding one where they can send in their assignment.

Online Shop

It’s called drop shipping and if you’re good at sales, building websites and doing the necessary work, it can be a great way to make your money. Basically, what you do is you’re a middle man where you sell goods from wholesalers to people via the internet.

Do note that a lot of the courses offering you how to become a dropshipper are horrible scams. So, don’t get sucked in by those. Also, don’t be tricked by the words ‘passive income’. Sure, people may buy your products without you having to do anything, but in order to get them to come to your site is a lot of hard work.

Still, if you are good at marketing and know how to work the search engines, this is a great choice. Especially as sometimes you can take a week off while still making money.

Tour Guide

Speak a lot of languages? Are you good with package tourists? Can you weave a great story? Then why not become a tour guide? You might think that you can only do this in cities you know, but the truth is that often the spiel is the same in many places.

So, if you take a few tours, read a few books and have a bit of experience, you can pretty much start up anywhere, whether it’ll be Sagrada Familia in Barcelona or Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Do it for a few months until you’re tired of the place and then move on again! You’ll not only get to see the world and share your experiences with lots of people, but you’ll learn far more about the places you go than almost anybody else you see out there.


Do you want to go on long treks toward far off places? Then why not become an archeologist? Okay, to be clear, archeology isn’t all Indiana Jones like adventures. You’ll also spend a lot of time in your office working away at papers, or reading dusty old books that you found in the library.

What’s more, archeology is something that will take you a long time to learn. If you’re okay with that, though, if you’ve a bit of an egg head as well as a travel bunny, then archeology might well be the thing for you. And who knows? Maybe you’ll get one of the biggest finds of the 21st century to your name!

Writing Editor

Being an editor is different than writing. You don’t get to flex your creative muscles as much but you do get a chance to work with a plethora of professional writers. Editors are in high demand, meaning that there is always an opening somewhere waiting to be filled.

You can opt for editing blog content for people who travel as well, work for a news outlet or something else entirely. Editors are in charge of making sure that the published content meets the high standards set by the core brand of the company.

Tip of the iceberg

The truth is, there are a huge amount of jobs out there that you can do while you travel. As long as you take lots of short-term contracts you’ll have lots of time left over to see the world. AS an extra bonus, those tend to pay better, so you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Of course, it helps to have some savings when you chose to work this way. You never know when there will be a work drought and you’ll have to pay for yourself for a while. But then, if you want to travel the world you’ll need to learn to be good with money anyway. So why not start there?

Good luck and good travels.