Dearest small spaces, what are we going to do with you? If you live in a city, it’s inevitable you end up having an apartment or even a house that has small rooms. It’s just the way things go. On the other hand, larger spaces can look small by not taking the right design choices. Whether you have a small space or a large space, it doesn’t mean they can’t look the way you want them to. Giving your room a brighter look and creating more space for yourself may help you increase productivity, reduce stress and elevate your mood. Living this quarantine life has forced us to look at the same four walls at home more than usual, why not refresh your space? The tips below will guide you through actionable steps that should do the trick.

1. Move any furniture pieces that block your windows, like dressers, consoles, sofas etc. Basically think, if it’s blocking your view, it’s blocking your major light source. Move it to another wall or buy a furnishing with less height so it’s not blocking the window.

2. Change any dark curtain and opt for a light sheer. If you have blinds and a curtain on the same window, that may be blocking natural light from coming into your room. If you added a block-out curtain under your statement curtain then that’s a lot of layers. Choose to either keep the curtains or stick with the blinds and put a nice sheer over it. The more you let light into your space, the brighter you will feel.

Photo Courtesy Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

3. Swap dark-finished wood furniture i.e., espresso hues, for a lighter-stained wood piece. Dark fabrics such as plum or navy should be switched out for neutrals and brighter colors. 

4. Clear out any mess in the room. Put clothes away and out of sight. Ever thought of why Apple makes their products look sleek and clean? It mentally makes you feel organized and free to move forward to do what you really want to do. Don’t let a messy space hold you back from feeling productive and energized. 

5. Buy some colorful pieces, like a blanket to put over your bed or a vase to put on your console. Adding just a few items that have a pop of color can go a long way in tying your space together and making it brighter and happier.

6. Use your light sources. Choose a decorative piece that has reflections and put it by your window. This will refract the sunlight coming into your room giving your space extra light. Also make sure that you have a nice balance of floor lamps, table lamps and ceiling lighting. If you live in a cold place with little sunlight, having great lighting may be your only option.

Photo Courtesy Chalo Garcia on Unspalsh

7. Last but not least, mirrors are kind of a big deal. Use mirrors to your advantage. There are lovely wall or standing mirrors that really make your space look lighter and brighter. Mirrors reflect even the smallest amount of light and give the illusion of a bigger space. Place the mirrors opposite of a window to make your space seem larger.

Switching it up and brightening your space can positively affect your overall health and motivation. It will also give you something fun and challenging to do during these times when everyone has extra time at home. These steps will help you feel like you transformed your daily space into one that’s lighter, brighter and brings a little oomph to your daily routine.