Age is not the limit, when it comes to having fun and thrill. I don’t stand with the talks of act your age where excitement strikes. About 5 years ago, I remember trying so hard to find a web developer to make some changes to my then good friends moving company.

The get-up-and-go spur is something, I believe we all want and need to have with our mundane routines.

Where is the fun with monotonous schedules?

With all that said, the most care-free age is while you have just completed the all so “teen” period and stand in the “being of age” steps. Like, your 20s.

So, let us see what Memphis has got to offer all of the 20s. Being in this beautiful city, and missing the main source of fun, isn’t my cup of tea.

So here is what you can’t miss!

Why the 20s only?

Ah! This is the base. As, Your 20s is the time when you live life to the fullest. You are all-set to take part in the most electrifying activities of life.

Most probably the buzz kicks in of being young and responsible.

Nothing can stop you. Many say it as the most optimistic phase of life. Though, I am not saying to start jumping from the top floor to get that extra boost.

The city with events has its perks for you to unfold. And, guess what?

Here, are the main 7 events you shouldn’t be missing!


This one isn’t the club or group thing you would want. It’s kind of a connecting-people thing. But, don’t mix it with Nokia!

Pong, pizza, people – A fun way to kill your Monday is what they offer to all. With Undercurrent, you get the tour of the city, events, fun, and yes more general public too.

Understanding is the second best part while you reach your 20. What other way to get the first-hand experience?

Here, you meet people from all-over Memphis, with fun, ideas, and a relax shot.

The recent event happened a couple months ago and as expected, it was a roar. You can visit the link for more info:

The StarCo

Next in line is StarCo. With the 20s spur, starting your career and having a job also shows up. Gone were the days, when folks used to wait for some miracle to get successful.

Now, it’s time to kick-start your own idea of work.

StarCo organized event is what you want to do next. You get to meet and talk with entrepreneurs, mentors, business tycoons, spokespersons etc. They unify a platform to give you an extra glimpse of how success is dignified.

If a small start-up is your dream, then get to the StarCo events to understand things better. Their opinion of things start with “never stop.”

You can visit the link for more information at:


Now, this one has its own sweet spot. And why not?

Food, events, jobs, residence – All is catered by Choose901.

With 20s innings comes the relocation tip too. You may have to switch from one place to another. And Choose901 is your guide, if you plan Memphis as your next destination.

You get all you want to know at a one-stop junction. There is a reason why people love this name so much.

Visit for more info to plan your stay.

The Cooper Young Festival

Love arts and crafts? All the 20s do.

The Millennial bell is tinkling, and you need to know what the source is. Isn’t it?

Well, then we have just the right option for you. It is the most anticipated outdoor festivity Memphis offers you.

You get an attractive mixture of art, music and crafts staged by over 435 artists from all over the place.

This festival is a true celebration of people, arts, music, literature, and Memphis heritage. Cooper-Young is the name you want to go with, if excitement is what you are missing!

There is a reason why it got spotted as the “Top 10 Great Neighbourhoods in America” by the American Planning Association in 2012, and rightly so!

To plan and book the next event, visit:

The Levitt Shell

I am a die-hard fan of Elvis.

Anything that has got his name is my first priority. And with Levitt Shell, his first paid concert was staged on July 30th of 1954.

For me, another reason to sing along the notes.

It is an open-air amphitheatre. And, is located in Overton Park, Memphis, Tennessee. Rap, jazz, music – all is here. Over 50 free concerts got organized in 2016, and that is a big number!

These guys love to plan music around seasons. For now it’s the Fall-music season, and possibly the best in city.

Lady Rizo, Emily Barker, The Blue Stones, and Dylan LeBlanc – all perform in this festival. There are more names, and I won’t cut the surprise here, so visit:

Beale Street Music Festival

The upbeat of town! That’s what I call it.

It’s a 3-day event happening every first week of May. Next is scheduled to fall-in 2018 and you can’t miss to rock on the beat at this point!

Next year, it is going to be the 42nd year of the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis. The musical bliss of 2017 line-up was, Soundgarden, Kings of Leon, MGMT, etc.

For now #BSMF18 is the talk of Facebook and Instagram, and you can see the enthusiasm at:

Bellevue Baptist Church

It is a large Southern Baptist megachurch in the Cordova area of Memphis. Cultural and spiritual awakening is its crux.

They offer a weekly service and planning for all age groups, but don’t miss the 20s counting either. Events are scheduled on every-day list of every week.

Certainly, the city of Memphis holds such hospitality for all its residents, and that too with care. The love of God, people, culture, heritage and mostly your society, is what Bellevue Baptist Church organizes.

The church reach you with the passion of love. The events are organized for every age group and none is missed out. The upcoming event are notated on the link:

However, for now the main-stream events are:





Though, these are the main events you can’t miss in Memphis, but still more is left to explore.

While you are in your 20s, the world is an open option to explore. But, the best thing is to not feel left out. And, that’s what Memphis does. No matter you are a newbie in town or born here, you get to live in the mid of affection, care and activities

Let me know what you think of these and if you have visited any as of yet? Are you planning to book your tickets for the next festival? 


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