7 Forgotten Truths About Happiness

According to studies, happiness is more than feeling good, and it has many benefits. Researchers have found that people from across the world rank happiness on the top as compared to other pleasing things like getting rich.

We all would love to experience happiness in our every move. But with this busy world of today, we appear to have overlooked the importance of happiness. Even amid this busy 21st century, you can still choose to be happy. In this article, I’m about to share some of the important yet readily forgotten happiness truths. They will help you choose intelligently and become stronger in your hardest times in life. Read on to see them.

It is a choice

It is easy to believe that the things that happen in our lives are the reason for our happiness. But that is not true. Happiness is not a situation but a choice. It cannot be prized either. You can choose to be happy even in your toughest times in life.

Happiness does not depend on others. You do not need any approval to be happy. It all depends on what you desire. Do you want happiness or sadness all through your life? The choice is yours.

Your mindset is half of the fight

While happiness is a choice, life is never flat. We all have those our times and that we cannot avoid. It can be hard to live through tough times, but changing the mindset can help to overcome the turbulence of life. Instead of focusing on the dark side of life, create positive thoughts, situations, and images about life in your mind. Through this, you will realize that you are at peace with life challenges and able to face them.

The objective is to shift your mindset from creating a perfect life to living a flawed life in complete amazement. Make a routine of not taking anything for granted.

It takes time to achieve greatness

If you gaze around, you would realize that the great things you have achieved didn’t happen overnight. It’s okay if you can’t get the results you need this instant. It takes time, patience, and energy to achieve great things. Some of the things that give us happiness are things that we look forward to with much anticipation. Sometimes having nothing to look forward to takes away the pleasures of anticipation.

While you would consider patience is a waiting period, it’s not. Persistence is all about maintaining a positive attitude as you work hard to achieve what you want. Indeed, great things don’t come along quickly. But they leave long-lasting happiness that instant results don’t give.

There are many things to be grateful for

Have you ever looked around and felt you have nothing to be thankful for? Life can ve unfair to an extent you feel you have no reason to be thankful. But there are so many things to be grateful for. Life is good when you have a smile on your beautiful face. In this complicated world, some think staying positive in tough times is a sign of weakness. But it’s not.

I want to remind you that it’s a sign of strength and excellent leadership skills. Smiling amidst all the storms shows that you appreciate the good and bad things in your life. It means you choose to be happy because even bad things play a significant role in your life.

Strong relationships result in lasting happiness

In the search for wealth, jobs, and other materials things, we may have forgotten that relations play a crucial role in longterm happiness. Like in business, connections matter if you want happiness. In the old days, parents used to introduce their kids to all their relatives. Relations were regarded as a source of joy to families. While this has not changed, circumstances have made use to forget the value of relationships.

Studies have proved that strong social relations with other people are critical to our happiness. However, another research found that the effect is most effective in married people. What does this mean? Well, when you have more relationships, you are more likely to be happier than when you have less or don’t.

You don’t have to be married to have a relationship. Create strong relationships with people around you, and your happiness dream will come true.

Happiness is love

Forgotten truths about happiness

Did you know that self-love is the key to your happiness? There are many reasons why self-love is key to your joy. One of them is that say what’s in your mind without fear of others. Holding back for the sake of others makes you feel bad and thus takes away your happiness.

When you love yourself the way you want others to love you, you will find happiness. Sometimes it’s good to focus on your inner-self than just others. Don’t turn happiness into a passion but love.

Handle your present issues

While it’s a good thing to have good plans about the future, life is not just about the future but solving problems. You can find happiness in solving your current issues and then living in an imagined future. For you to achieve your future goals, you have to deal with the problems you are currently facing. That way, you can confidently walk into the future in happiness.


In the present world, you need connections for successful marketing. Happiness is not different, either. You cannot be happy when you have enemies all over. Creating healthy relationships with the people around you and your family can make you more than happy. It is all in the mind. Let’s not forget that like happiness, sadness is a choice too. So, what do you choose? Happiness or sadness?


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