improve productivity

Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before

I guess we can all agree when I say that “ Being very productive in today’s world is not very easy”.

We get distracted with a notification or even having our phones near us can be a strong stimulus to disrupt our focus.

And with alot of work being piled up, it’ll eventually become overwhelming and we lose our peace! Which eventually leads to an unhappy life!

“Productivity is a strong ingredient in the recipe for success”

So, here are 7 bad habits to avoid in order to have a productive day!


This is more like making up your mindset before the day begins. How do you want your day to go in order for you to feel happy and satisfied at the end of it?!

Make a list of things you want to finish! Make a list of things you want to do! Plan a balanced day so there’s a vacuum in your time for you to fill it up with unwanted distracting habits!

You’ll be surprised how much difference this small thing would make!


Are you a person who gets through every single day just finishing the bare minimum that is required of you?

“Self Discipline is a very important trait for success”

Without this it is very hard to accomplish anything in your life! 

Here’s a tip : Mentally prepare yourself for your work that you want to finish and when you feel distracted, remind yourself of the feeling you get when you get these tasks done! 

Being self aware can help you! Feelings and emotions drive people! Use your feelings to get tasks done! Use your emotions to be self disciplined! 

Trust me, it will improve over time!


I am sure you are very well aware that waking up 2 hours before everyone else would give you a tremendous advantage of getting loads of tasks completed!

This is one of the easiest ways to boost your productivity!

Taking advantage of these golden hours will change your life for real!


When you are online : You have infinite amount of entertainment just at your fingertips waiting for you to scroll through!

I am pretty sure it sounds amazing and that’s exactly why alot of people are highly unproductive!

You are reading this article because you have realized that the big picture is slipping away from you. Right?!

 Your dreams seems to go farther away with more setbacks and those setbacks are caused because you are unproductive which is probably because you spend loads of time on netflix and youtube wasting away your time and life!

Tip: Keep your phone in another room if you have to or use apps that block away the important social media for hours together when you are working on something!


“Start your day with the hardest job in hand! Start your day with a sense of accomplishment!”

Mark Twain Said “ When you start your way with eating a live frog you can go through the rest of the day in peace that this would be the worst thing that would happen to you!”

I personally have tried this (Starting off with the hardest task) and let me tell you this :

It would be hard on the first few days because you literally start off your day with something you don’t like!

Then when it’s done, you get a sense of accomplishment which would get you enough room to get the remaining tasks done!


The more you complain, the more you put off/ procrastinate doing something important!

“Complaining doesn’t get the work done”

So try your best to not complain about something. Get it done and rant it out later!


The easiest way to avoid failure is never trying! 

But the truth is, never trying is the easiest way to guarantee failure!

This keeps people from never going after their dreams!

Fear of failure is a real thing!

Tony Robbin states that “ Two emotions drives us : ‘fear of failure’ and the ‘desire for success’”

So, would you let the fear’s stop you or drive you? Make your choice!

On a last note :

“Regret is the biggest disease of all. It’s better to endure the pain of self discipline than the pain of regret!”

Hope this helped! Have Hope!

You have more tips to contribute? Do leave your comments down below!